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The Braveheart Do (hairstyle)

Well I look like this (the guy in the orange shirt.)

I've long considered changing how I do my hair to the "Braveheart" style, like the guy in this video clip, but figured it would stand out too much. I'm thinking to maybe go for it, but I was wondering if anyone has any tips for precisely how to comb what segment of hair, what sort of hair band to use, etc. Trying it by myself with my regular hairband, it was sort of hard to separate out my hair since it tends to pull at other strands, and then the hairband _seemed_ way too big for the small amount of hair to be contained, but perhaps people just wind it down that small.

Anyways, any thoughts or tips, if you would.
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Heh, I used to have a very similar style back in my clubbing days. I had a little bit more hair from the top in the pony tail though and tied it using a stylish leather strap. Looked awesome. Not something I could do at work though
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Mercy what on earth IS that? A musical? "Starring" Paris Hilton.

As far as the hair ... I'd say mousse and hairspray.

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