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What's the deal with Thomas Lera & "Ted the Caver" [spoilers]?

To read "Ted's Caving Page" unspoiled, go to this page first:

That done, I want it be clear, from the start:
This is not about whether the events in the story actually happened as described. They did not. It is a story. I know that. This about who actually wrote it.

One of the recent requests for scary story led to a link (possibly it was an older thread linked in that one) to the story on "Ted's Caving page".

It's generally acknowledged that 'Ted' made up the story and is alive and well, although the pictures suggest some effort went into making it. I don't know more about Ted, or indeed if more is known.

But someone on the linked thread pointed to, and a few other messages around the web, indicated that the story was written in 1987 by Thomas Lera. Ted's page appeared in 2001 and, as I recall, was updated in real time. So maybe Ted copied from Thomas. Or maybe not. Read on.

The story linked to was from an web-archived page, and the link given was here:

(PDF Link) :

Note that the archive dates from 2005.

In that file, the title of the story is "The Fear of Darkness".

It's almost exactly the same story as Ted's, except there's an ending to the story. Another thing about it is despite a paragraph at the start about it being taken from a journal entry with italics interspersed later(as in Ted's), the 'journal' is in a far more narrative style.

A copyright notice in the corner reads "Thomas Lera 1987-2004". The story, however, begins with the date of December 30th, 2001. So either it was set in the future or updated, but not to 2004.

Something felt strange about this. More in the next post.
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The Bat-stamp!

I did a search for Thomas Lera and found a few things:

First another, possibly earlier version of the story at this page :

Here it's called "The Terror in Hupman's Cave". Although the details are the same as in "Fear of Darkness", this one lacks an ending, and has more dates. In fact it's far closer to Ted's story; they may be nearly identical.

But there's a disclaimer there, claiming that it was ripped off by "Ted" and, again, written in 1987. This note definitively says that it was at that time set in the future, though the explanation as to why isn't that clear. That explanation doesn't inspire confidence. There appears to be no good reason for that story to have been post-dated, if written in 1987.

I haven't looked closely, but there doesn't seem to be much more to the liquigel site, and it's registered anonymously through GoDaddy.

As for "Thomas Lera" himself. Or whoever he is. The first two hits lead to "" and a site in the Netherlands (which ends up being linked to by the first one):

There's a copyright notice there of 2007, and a picture, but the whole thing seems to almost be something generated by a piece of software (like when you do a search and a webpage comes up with a few links). Possibly pulled in from other sites; it's hard to tell. Almost no text, just links to PDFs or other sites.

There is both a Speleology and a "Horror Stories" section. More on the stories in a bit. First, the Speleology section. A few of the links there refer to stamps. Stamps? What does that have to do with caving? Well, one of the other search results, as well as another search on Thomas Lera, brings up the site

Speleophilately, as its name would suggest, is all about stamps related to caves and caving. Hard to believe there'd be a whole field of study there, but this is the internet. Although they say they've been around 25 years, and seem to have a publication as well. The front page even says they only touch on the "core topics" since "the fields of speleophilately are large". We'll take their word on that.

While there are some dead or missing links, there is an occasional "Under Construction" label and the site appears to be legitimate. There really are stamps with caves on them. Now in the 'contributors' section, we have a listing for one Thomas Lera, right here:

There's a brief bio, there, including a note about writing stories. Right under the name, though, there's a link to the website labeled :

I say labeled, because that's not even where the link points. Instead, it points to . Doug Austin. Doug Austin's name showed up before - in the internet archive. That's where the PDF of the story was found.

A brief note on the links. "~toml" indicates a home directory for user toml. It could have been that he knows Mr. Austin, and had him create a home directory for him. "" doesn't go there; instead it goes to a defunct Lycos webpage - with the error message in Dutch. Currently the dougaustin link goes to a 404.

I looked up both and for their registration info. They appear to be owned by the same person in the Netherlands. Someone with the same last name as someone listed on the "Contributors" page. Makes sense for the magazine, but not so much for the second one.

Next post, back on to the stories, I promise.
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Mr. Lera, I presume?

Both the 'home page' for Lera and the archived page from contain lists of Lera's stories. The Ontis ones are up-to-date and seem more reliable, so I picked one or two of those files. The first thing that I noticed - it didn't say ©Thomas Lera. It said ©John Rowlands. One of them says "Thomas Lera AKA John Rowlands". Another has ©Thomas Lera in the footer, but ©John Rowlands at the end of the text. All the stories I've seen so far have a copyright date of a few years ago.

So who is John Rowlands? If you read the bio on the page, you might have noticed these lines:

Mr. Lera is author of the book Bats in Philately and a successful writer of horror and sci-fi stories, all of which have a small reference to a cave or bat in them. They can be found at His stories are published under the nom de plume “John Rowlands.”
Okay, so John Rowlands is Thomas Lera's pen name. Or so it would seem. John Rowlands' stories are indeed available over at the Here's one example:

Now I haven't done any in-depth analysis here. Just looking at one or two of the stories, they don't quite seem to be by the same author. Rowlands's stories are all quite short, and seem to be more straight horror than anything. Nothing elaborate. Plus the style doesn't quite fit. Rowlands, while not really a bad writer, seems to overuse adjectives in a way that doesn't show up in the cave story. This is especially so when comparing it with "The Terror in Hupman's Cave".

Obviously someone wrote the Rowlands stories, whatever his or her name is. And somebody created Ted's website. Someone else either rewrote and finished that story or wrote it before Ted did. Possibly it was revised at some point. Maybe these are all the same person. Or three separate people. Someone in the Netherlands might know something more as well.

Is Lera even real? He seems to have had a web presence, and certainly he could have written some things, but the business with the Dutch website is just slightly odd. On the other hand, I can't see why someone would fabricate a person to that extent for no reason.

One thing I haven't found yet is when the claims of plagiarism by Ted came about. So far, nothing seems to properly date to earlier than 2004 or so. That's 3 years after Ted's website went up. Even if the story was written in 1987, it doesn't seem to have been published anywhere that Ted could read it. Unless Ted and Thomas are the same guy or knew each other.

That's as much as I've gone so far. Does anyone at all have any further information on this?

Yes, this is very long and I've spent a lot of time on this and I'm not sure why.

Although it is difficult to put an exact name on my motivation, I think "closure" fits quite nicely. I need to find out a few things about this story. The main thing, believe it or not, is to find the beginning of the story. With all of the bizarre things I have witnessed these past few posts it would seem a bit trite to want, as a primary goal, to get to the beginning, but that is what I want. To be sure, I will be seeking other bits of knowledge along the way. If, however, I find the author of the first passage, and an end to the search for Lera blocked by lost files, I will be content to never return to the story or the website again. Never!

Sorry, I couldn't resist doing my own copying. (that bit is adapted from ... well, from someone's story, ©Ted or Thomas or John 1987 or 2001)
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Originally Posted by panamajack View Post
There appears to be no good reason for that story to have been post-dated, if written in 1987.
It's been a while since I read the story, but didn't they use some slightly futuristic technology (stuff that wouldn't have been available in the '80s, but could be easily concocted as something that might be a few years ahead)? I remember some kind of wired radio thingy that when I looked up the term they used for it, I got no results.

ETA: good job on all that research, by the way!

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Near as I can tell, these seem to be the most questionable 'near-future' devices in the story:

"video camera" - In 1987 it was difficult, but not impossible, to get a portable camera to shoot video.

Chemical "glo-sticks" - I don't think these were terribly common, but my guess is they did exist since by the 90's they were easy to find. My guess is that cavers might have been able to get some by some means.

"cordless drill" - I have no idea how easy it would be to get a hold of one of these, but for this purpose I think it could have happened.

The special equipment they built was a wooden "squeeze box" and a metal rig for holding tools to enlarge the hole.

So, nothing that really required near-future devices; and nothing in the story seems to depend on slightly improved versions of then-current technology. It could go either way.

Taking a closer look at "The Terror in Hupman's Cave" story, there appear to be some missing parts. One thing that I noticed is that there's no mention of bringing the video camera, although it shows up in the story a bit later. Close reading shows that this is almost certainly a copy of Ted's story.

Unfortunately the liquigel site is now down. Did we do that? I have no idea. All I can say is that either that story is poorly edited or poorly written/copied.

This site may be of key importance. If it is indeed a valid Lera-written version of the story, then it was either radically altered for "The Fear of Darkness" or changed to fit with Ted's story. It is even possible that this version is yet another alteration. One thing of note - so far, this seems to be the only place that contends it was plagiarized by Ted (aside from people who found the archived story).

"The Fear of Darkness" doesn't seem to have those problems. While it summarizes certain parts of the story, it keeps the details - for one, mentioning "my new video camera" upon the second-to-last trip.

Reading it again, I'm actually starting to think that much of the added portion - specifically the final entry to the cave, do seem a little more in Rowlands' style. Ted's Caving Page has a few interpolations about caving (giving it more verisimilitude), while "Fear of Darkness" tends to go along traditional horror story lines, with a bit smoother flow and action.

Where I stand is that I doubt the same person wrote both "The Fear of Darkness" and "Ted's Caving Page". My suspicion is that Ted's Caving page is the original, and "Fear of Darkness" copied it, slightly altered it, and added an ending. It is possible that the author had written a similar caving story in 1987, but so far there isn't enough evidence for that.
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Also, I forgot to mention - I think the "low voltage phone" is actually an older bit of technology. I think they even mention it reminding them of old army equipment (which it essentially is, dating back to World War II). I don't know whether or not these are actually "low voltage" or not, but it seemed to be a field telephone. Possibly their version was more advanced, but I'm not so sure about that. Even the old ones ran on batteries.
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What I think.

I searched the the Copyright office and found both "Ted the Caver" and Thomas Lera. Its seems Teds name Is Ted Hegemann and the copyright for his story was created in 2001 and Thomas Lera a copyright for his story that was created in 1995. So it seems that "Bats in philately" was written before "Ted the Caver" I hope this is helpful and I hope that you get this message because your last post was in 2008.
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Hate to kick such a long-dead horse (thread) with a new post, but after re-reading the original story again, and reading it to my wife, I started looking around for the final word on what really happened, since I had never heard. After many hours of Google work (and just some plain old common sense), it's easy to tell that Thomas Lera, whoever he may be (since it's clearly a pen name), ripped of Ted's original caving story when he created his Fear of Darkness story.

The Bats of Philately book that DieScorpion references above has nothing to do with the caving story in any way, so I'm not quite sure why it is referenced other than to try and disprove Ted's claims that his story is the original work. Well, someone apparently thought it pertinent to try and ask the actual author, Ted, about it.
(taken from

Well, I guess it’s time I add my two cents to the topic. My name is Ted and I am the author of the story you have been discussing. I am the original author. I created the story on my own and copied no one.

I will explain the details of the creation of the story in a moment, but first let me just say — WOW!! I am still thrilled and amazed by all of the discussion that my story has generated. I was unaware of just how far the story had circulated until Yvonne contacted me a few weeks ago. I was aware of how many people had visited MY web site (the angelfire site) because of the counter on the site, and that number has been slowly climbing since I started the site. But I had no idea that two other people had copied the site, with one going so far as adding an “alternate ending” complete with a doctored photo! And I had no idea that the story had been discussed on numerous forums!

I want to thank everyone who took the time to read the story. I hope you enjoyed it. It took a long time to write and even though there are a few things I would change, I am happy with how it turned out.

The recent events leading up to this post are as follows: I was contacted by my friend Brad (the ‘B’ in my story) a few weeks ago concerning an email he received from Yvonne. He mentioned that Yvonne was seeking the author of the “Caver Ted” story in order to obtain permission to translate it into French. I gave him my approval to pass along my name, email, and phone number to her. Two weeks ago I received an email from Yvonne making the same request, adding that there was a discussion in progress on the NSS web page concerning my story, and whether or not I was the original author. I was floored, as I mentioned above. But I was shocked and REALLY disappointed to learn that credit for writing the story was given to someone else. SO, I’ll take you back to the beginning and run through how the story came about, then I’ll discuss “proof” of authorship belonging to me.

I’ll begin by giving everyone an outline of the creation of my story. Most of the following is what I wrote to Yvonne.

Between December 30, 1999 and February 24, 2000 Brad and I worked on a passage in Freeway cave. We made numerous trips, and spent many hours of hard work, before we were finally able to get through the opening and into the new section of cave. During the course of our adventure I kept a caving journal and documented our activities surrounding our attempts to be the first people to enter the new passage. Since we were giving friends and family members updates as we worked, I thought it would be a good idea to put my entire journal on a web page, along with our pictures, then we could simply refer people to the site.

The thought then occurred to me: It sure would be fun to embellish the story a little! From there it was a short leap to simply creating a work of fiction based on our experiences. I felt like the Internet was the perfect medium for my idea, so that is what I set out to do. For the next year I worked on the story, off and on. Sometime in April (I think) 2001 I posted the first few pages. After that I added them as if it was happening in real-time. After posting the last installment (May 19) I just kicked back and watched the web page counter to see if anyone was stumbling onto the site. (I found one site recently which confirms these dates:…5/t/000198.html is a forum dated June ’01, shortly after I posted the site)

To summarize the fact vs. fiction discussions about the story, let me just say the parts about the digging and passage through Floyd’s Tomb are, for the most part, true and taken directly out of my caving journal. I intentionally altered a few details of the cave, but as has been mentioned, it still accurately describes Freeway Cave, Floyd’s Tomb, and the passage now known as Gypsum Passage on the map. The supernatural aspects of the story are all pure fabrication. Even the rumbling that both Dale Green and Ralph Powers mentioned exist in the cave did not inspire the story. I simply used them later to add to the mystery! And that is that. Nothing mysterious happened while we worked on the cave. It was just an experience filled with challenge, hard work and lots of satisfaction. The feelings I mentioned while in Floyd’s Tomb were real. That’s what made it so fun to write.

When I learned about the discussion on this forum I did some digging and found other sites discussing the story. As I read all of the different comments about the story I was grinning at the variety of opinions expressed. Some people liked it, some thought it long and boring. Some thought it creepy, some thought it was too farfetched. The negative comments didn’t bother me. That’s life! What did bother me, however, was the accusation that I had copied the story. I felt like my integrity was being challenged, and I don’t like that. That may sound silly, since I was completely anonymous, but I still felt that way. Besides, I didn’t like the notion that someone else was taking credit for my work.

Although I will not likely, or at least not immediately, post on other forums, I will definitely defend my story on this one, since it involves caves and caving. I would like to begin with most obvious evidence: the cave itself. It is clear to anyone who has been in the cave that the story accurately describes Freeway cave. Even using the map as a guide one can “see” that the description resembles the cave. What are the odds someone could have written such an accurate description without seeing the cave? And not just any cave, but a cave that only came to light as a result of construction, as told in the story? As Dale mentioned the cave was opened in the 70’s, so someone could have been through before 1987. But not the new passage! As Ralph stated, and the pictures show, the story accurately describes the ‘Floyd’s Tomb’ section of the cave, the opening, and the passage beyond (although I did take a few creative liberties there with the description, such as the ‘Blair Witch’ hieroglyphics and the round rock). And Ralph, Dale, or any one of dozens of Utah cavers can testify to the approximate date the passage was opened. Now, did Thomas Lera see all of this in a crystal ball to write about it accurately? Or did someone swipe my work?

When the “1987” version surfaced it took all of 15 seconds of reading to recognize it was definitely my story, with a few changes made. I figured I would read it and see if there was some way that I could prove he copied me, but it was difficult. Since 99% of what he wrote was copied verbatim from my story, there was not much to go on, but I did find a few interesting things. Granted, this is little more than circumstantial evidence, but it starts to add up. I’ll try to be brief

1. Isn’t it an incredible coincidence that the story mentions a friend who likes to cave, was injured in a climbing accident, was told he would never walk again, yet managed to beat the odds and through hard work and determination not only walks, but caves, though with some difficulty, AND I HAVE SUCH A FRIEND!?! His name is Brad, his story is true, and both Dale and Ralph can attest to his this. That’s some crystal ball, Lera.

2. The dog we really took in the cave to check out the passage was real (as Ralph mentioned, he died a few years ago). I’ll try to dig up a photo of him in the Tomb. It was a Jack Russell. The Lera version switched it to an Australian Shepard. Hardly a dog to fit in a tight squeeze. See

3. On page 15 of the Lera version he mentions the tools we invented and created. TRUE STORY. For part one of evidence I refer you to the photo of Brad: he is holding the actual tool. For the second part of the evidence I humbly call upon Ralph Powers. On our last trip into the cave we did not take the pipe wrenches that were necessary to dismantle the tool, consequently we left it in the new passage. Ralph, when you mapped the passage did you find the tool? (Also did you find a mini-mag light? I dropped one in the new passage when I went in with my wife a month after it was opened. LOL) Now how did Lera, in 1987, know we were going to make those tools?

4. In the Lera version he used a cordless drill. In the true version I mentioned a De Walt cordless drill. I don’t know who did this, but check out the map of the cave at…terstateMap.pdf and zoom in on the entrance to the passage. De Walts Dig! I assume this came from Brads conversation with Ralph about the project (Ralph, can you enlighten us?) Doesn’t really prove anything, but it was just something I noticed. ***See my fixed link below***

5. This may be nit-picky, but Lera omitted one of the tools I mentioned (and that we actually used). He said we used a hammer and chisel, which we did, but failed to mentioned the tool most responsible for us getting through, and that is a bullpin. He may not have known what that is, and to be honest I’m not sure that’s its real name, but I will describe it: it is about 12 inches long and sort of cone shaped. The pointed end is about 1/8” in diameter, and it grows to about 1 ˝ “ diameter at the other end, with a mushroom head to smack with a hammer. After we drilled our holes with the masonry bits we would insert the pointed end of the bullpin (which is round like the drill hole) into the hole and hammer on the other end. That would force the rock to expand as the pin was driven in, which broke up the rock. The chisel didn’t work with the drill and would only be used to break off small chunks around the edges. Again, not evidence, but another detail that I noticed.

Well, that’s about it. Not the best evidence, but it’s all I have . This post is already way too long. If you made it this far, thanks. And a special thanks to Yvonne for taking the effort to ‘get to the bottom of this’ and for contacting me. Also thanks to Scott McCrea. I am impressed with both of your efforts. It is rare to see people refuse to just accept what is handed to them. If there is anything I can clear up for you, feel free to contact me.

I wrote the story, but I’m not seeking fame from it. I never was. If that was the case I would have put my name on it from the beginning. I just want to protect my work from other people who may lay claim to it. Clearly someone read my story, copied it and put another date on it.

I wrote it so people would read it and enjoy it. And maybe wonder about it. Even though the story took on a life of its own, I can still make the satisfying proclamation: Mission accomplished!

As for Thomas Lera (or anyone who tries to steal my story): May an amorous Hodag in the pinnacle of heat find you in a damp and lonely cave.

The link to the National Parks Services map in the above quoted text is dead. The only live link I have found is to a PDF map of the actual caves. They are apparently right along a highway in Utah. It’s a “.gov” link, so I seriously doubt it is a hoax.

I can’t find the exact location, but the link above can be cut back to the Timpanogos Cave page on the NPS website. Must be in that area.

I spent way too much time finding all this crap. What can I say, I’m a CJ major who is bothered by not having the truth behind everything.

I’m going to keep digging, but I think what I’ve already posted is a reasonable explanation.
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