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It's right in the middle of the Frank Miller era, but it wasn't reprinted neither in the Daredevil Visionaries 1: Frank Miller nor Marked for Death TPBs. What's in that issue? Some stand-alone thing? It's by Miller?
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Oh, fugeddaboudit. Just found out, it's a filler issue by Steve Ditko. http://geocities.com/Area51/1257/161-170.htm
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Originally posted by Uniball
Oh, fugeddaboudit. Just found out, it's a filler issue by Steve Ditko. http://geocities.com/Area51/1257/161-170.htm
It's actually a pretty fun "retro" issue, and one of the last looks at the (ahem) "Earth-1" Daredevil.

<rant alert>
I love Miller's Daredevil, but that said, the character that Miller is writing about has absolutely no relationship to the character who was running around for the previous 156 issues of the book. Again, I like Miller's stuff, but kind of wish he'd used someone else.

I can't see Miller's grim and driven Daredevil having ever come up with a second secret identity ("Swingin' " Mike Murdoch) in part so he could have a better social life (the Mike Murdoch issues are *so* much fun), or swinging through the streets of San Francisco singing "Good Day, Sunshine" as delighted pedestrians look on, simply because life (and his newfound relationship with the Black Widow was so good. Daredevil shouldn't be grim. That said, Damn! Miller did a good job.
</rant alert>

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Question asked in wrong forum.
Question answered in wrong forum.
No need to move it now.

Locking up.
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