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Your 5 best and 5 worst physical attributes

In your humble opinion, of course.

Here, attributes can mean a specific body part (nose or butt or what have you) or something more general (skin, height, etc.)

So, the best:

Smile Fun and goofy
Hair I love the color and smooth feel
Eyes Big and brown and expressive
Calves Firm, with some good definition
Skin I have been mercifully blessed with clear, acne-free skin; itís also olive-hued (Greek genes and all), and I like the kind of browned color.

And the worst:

Stomach Way too much in the way of flab and fat; it would appear I have contracted Dunlapís disease. Treatment: time on the treadmill, stat.
Thighs See above
Butt See above
Hips See above
Height Iím 5í 2Ē, which I think is the average for women of my ethnic group. Still, being able to reach the top shelf in a lab or a grocery store without going to get a chair would be nice.

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Knocking it up a notch. BAM!
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5 Best
1. My breasts. Unusually large but not grotesquely so, beautifully shaped, nicely colored, look good under just about any garment, look great without one.
2. My hair. I don't use any product in it (other than shampoo/conditioner), so it's usually quite soft and a pretty shade of natural blond.
3. My legs. Quite smooth and shapely; plus they tone easily.
4. My smile. It's a very photogenic, genuine smile. I have relatively straight teeth and I never hold back with a grin.
5. My feet. I'm not sure what the aesthetic standard for feet are, exactly, but I think mine are pretty damn cute. I have a freckle on one of them that I named Francis as a child. So my love-affair with my feet goes back a ways.

5 Worst
1. My skin. I had bad acne in junior high, I've had three different kinds of eczema and I've also had severe allergic outbreaks caused by the sun. If an object exists in the physical world, there is a 99% chance my skin is allergic to it. My skin is also very, very pale but I kinda like this unique quality so I don't perceive it as negative (but others may.)
2. My stomach. This is where my body stores the majority of its fat. I haaaate that.
3. My upper arms. They are very hard to develop and I'm self-conscious of them.
4. My nose. I don't really hate my nose, but I think it's a little too pointy from the side.
5. I honestly can't think of a fifth thing, which is very surprising because I think of myself as a person with very low body image. I think this is because things 1-4 on the Bad List trump things 1-5 on the Good List making the result an overall negative.
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  1. My hair. I can get it to do almost anything I want. I can also get it to look decent with very little effort.
  2. My stomach. I owe this to inverted crunches. Owwies, but worth it.
  3. My butt. Squats and lunges, rinse, repeat.
  4. Smile. I smile with my whole face.
  5. Skin. I drink about a gallon of water a day, which helps. Genetics helps because my mother looks so much younger than she is. Facials at the spa help. The occasional dermatologist laser zap of a broken blood vessel helps too

  1. My nose is kind of big. Oh well.
  2. I'm short. Just a hair under 5'1" so I'd like to be taller
  3. Legs. Since I'm short, so are my legs.
  4. Lips. My top lip is a little too thin.
  5. Freckles. I have 'em, I hate 'em
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Best... this will be hard.

1. My teeth. They're white, straight, and healthy. But I'm obsessive about going to the dentist, and I had braces.
2. My nose. It's kind of a button nose, but it looks nice on my face.
3. My eyes. I think they're crazy eyes, but I get compliments on them. They're a pretty extreme color of green.
4. My hair, I've been told, is nice. It's brown with a little red. Overall pretty healthy.
5. My skin. I have nice skin, never had acne, don't have a lot of pimples. Though, I don't like the color.

The worst is easy!

1. My arms. Fat.
2. My legs. Fat with ugly knees.
3. My stomach. Also fat.
4. My hands. I have cracked, red knuckles and sausage fingers.
5. My chin. It's huuuuuuuge!
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1. Eyes. I love their color - a nice, bright greyish blue.

2. Skin. This used to be at the top of the 'worst' list, but since the Accutane my acne has all but disappeared. I'm pretty pale, and have kept out of the sun for the most part. I have no lines to speak of on my face. The texture is very soft and I don't need much moisturizer (but I use it anyways: now that I have good skin, I intend to keep it!)

3. Legs. Good shape most of the way up, nice defined calf muscles.

4. Hair. It's fine and straight, but still fairly thick. I've finally gotten it to be all my natural color: a light brown with some reddish/blondish highlights. I was always told that it would be "dirty dishwater" if I let it be natural. It's not. It takes some work to look its best, but I think it suits me.

5. Breasts. On the small side of average, but they fit my frame and are nice and perky.


1/2. Butt/hips. They go together. Some of it's genetics - I'm just put together pear-shaped. But it's also where the extra weight goes. I really dislike being a size eight up top and a size 14 on the bottom.

3. Feet. They are incredibly flat, which means I can't really wear shoes without good arch support and sturdy sides. This means that most cute shoes, from heels to ballet flats, are right out.

4. Thighs. Partially due to the aforementioned pear-shaped thing. But also because of the downside of pale skin: visible veins, which are only getting more visible as I age. Ick.

5. Nose. It's just a little bit too big for the rest of my facial features. (This is the one I notice a lot and everyone around me tells me I'm nuts.)
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Legs: 34" inseam on a 5'9" frame, perfect shape, muscular, strong, incredibly sexy with heels on (assuming anyone can talk me into wearing heels--not easy!) smooth-skinned, nearly hairless naturally. Good legs run in my family...

Ass: Also well toned, nicely shaped, very good butt for a woman my age.

Eyes: Big, brown, expressive, got mild smile wrinkles.

Skin: Aside from facial skin, where injudicious tanning has allowed damage, I'm upholstered all over in very nice smooth skin that doesn't get stretch marks and very few wrinkles, in a very pleasant color usually described as "butterscotch," especially when I'm tanned although I don't do that much any more. Melanoma is not sexy!

Hands: Long fingers, very graceful, well shaped hands that really don't show my age. Very strong, though, quite capable.


Teeth: Terrible, crooked teeth that were savaged by incompetent childhood dentistry. Dentures would be preferable.

Stomach: Jelly belly/apron. I don't have many places to put fat cells so the ones I do have get a workout when I let myself go, which I have a bit. Working on whittling this down.

Hair: Flyaway, uninspired natural color that's mostly grey under the L'Oreal these days. Doesn't do what I want it to do and can't even decide if it's straight or curly. My son got the fabulous hair in the family, so of course he buzzes it short and wears a hat 96% of the time. Feh.

Chin: Sure wish I had one! It would make those singer's jowls a bit less noticeable!

Tits: Used to be pretty spectacular but gravity is winning. Still look good in the right bra/top but not the head turners they used to be, poor girls.
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Originally Posted by Orual View Post

1/2. Butt/hips. They go together. Some of it's genetics - I'm just put together pear-shaped. But it's also where the extra weight goes. I really dislike being a size eight up top and a size 14 on the bottom.
Some guys like that.

Just sayin'.
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My bra size is 32FF.
Eyes - grey/blue with lots of different shades in them.
Little ladylike nose(I am actually not that keen on it but other people have told me they like it, so it counts).
My scars - an accident when I was 15 months old left me with little scars around my mouth. Not that noticeable in photos, but show up in real life. I think they have character.
Good strong nails, and I have never bitten them. They always look tip top.

Terrible teeth - enamel never formed properly, and they're crooked.
Acne/rosacea/eczema, makes for nasty skin.
Wobbly tum(laziness).
Broad shoulders.
Big chin.

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