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Do I know a porn star?

Just now, I was looking at Facebook and my feed showed that a FB friend - someone I went to high school with - had given a thumbs up to a picture of a nearly nude woman. Curious, I went clicked on the picture and browsed the album. I guess I have access to it because she's a FOAF - I can't look at the rest of her Facebook. Anyway, they're all like that. She isn't nude - she's wearing a VERY skimpy string bikini - but they're very provocative pictures. I went to the url that's superimposed on the picture and it's definitely a porn site (although a mild one).

The part that made me start questioning my sanity is that someone else I went to high school with also commented on the pictures.

WTF? I can't help but think at this point that this girl must have gone to school with me. But neither her (common, ordinary) name nor her (heavily made up) face are ringing any bells with me.

I'm tempted to friend her just to see if I can get her to friend me back and I can figure out if I somehow know her. This is just really odd.
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Website address?
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I don't get why you care? What motivates you to contact her?

She's someone who you might know, and perhaps she might possibly be affiliated with a porn site. But you don't know if you know her or not, although you'd like to befriend her to find out if you might possibly have known her.

What's your motivation here really?
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So many people have done porn now that it's almost certain that you know, have met, worked with, gone to school with, or shaken the hand of someone who has done porn. Whether or not they are a star is another matter.

So many are called; so few are chosen.
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I would say if you are racking your brain but can't place her name or her face, then you don' t know her.
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Just because two people you know looked at the same picture, what makes you think they -- and, by extension, you -- know this person?
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Originally Posted by Leaffan View Post
I don't get why you care? What motivates you to contact her?
Who said I was motivated to contact her? I don't really care, I was just trying to think of all of the people I went to school with who might have grown up to be a porn star. It was amusing to me.

Anyway, follow-up googling reveals circumstantial evidence that she did go to my high school, but was a year ahead of me. Sadly, my yearbooks are at my parents' house and I can't double check to see if she's had plastic surgery since then.

If you care, the website is teasum . com. NSFW, but soft core. Her name on the site is Jenny S.
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Are you sure that's not teaseum. com? Hey, that's not pornography, that's bikini modeling! Plus, her photo is not clickable so you can't see her gallery.
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Originally Posted by ShibbOleth View Post
So many people have done porn now that it's almost certain that you know, have met, worked with, gone to school with, or shaken the hand of someone who has done porn.
That's what I figure. Yet despite all the porn I've seen, I haven't recognized anyone. Chances are there aren't as many 40-something women in porn as there are 20-somethings, so I guess if I was 20 years younger the odds would be higher.
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A girl I went to junior high school with (grades 6-8) was a reasonable famous porn star- she goes by JR Carrington. Specialized in anal, did a number of films (I believe Jenna Jameson saw her stripping and recommended that she pursue a career in porn) and is now a whore at a brothel in Reno- she can be had by the hour or by the evening.

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Well, just because she's on that site, doesn't preclude her from being a porn star. If you look on the second page, you'll see "Shannon K.".. who's a porn star who goes by "Shannon Kelly". You can tell by googling "Shannon Kelly" and looking at the pics- same left hip tattoo.
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