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Obama's real birth certificate found!

Here it is, Birthers! Run and tell Orly Tatiz! Orly? Yeah, really!

His real name is B-Rock "The Islamic Shock" Hussein Superallah Obama. This was filed, as you might expect, in Kenyatown, Kenya, by a most assuredly Kenyan registrar deep in the very beating heart of Kenya.

From this thread, which happens to be made of nearly unalloyed victory.
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They spelled "honkey" wrong.
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Originally Posted by friedo View Post

They spelled "honkey" wrong.
That must be the Kenyan way of spelling the word, under the influence of their British colonial masters.
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Originally Posted by friedo View Post

They spelled "honkey" wrong.
You have to expect these misspellings when dealing with a Kenyan working deep in the heart of Darkest Africa. It's too dark to read in there.
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That Kenyan registrar is very efficient -- able to register the birth almost a month before it happened.
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Yeah, well, Obama wants you to think he was born in August...
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Nitpick: Obama's mother's maiden name was Dunham, not Durham.

Whether this is evidence of fraud, or merely a typo, is the 64,000-dirham question...
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Found another one: http://assets.236.com/images/photo2/...l/original.jpg

These birth certificates seem to be multiplying like bunnies.
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It's the shoes,
(Pr)BO' Ikes
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This is so old.
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"SURE HE'S MUSLIM" should have been "You betcha."

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