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Can you remember all of your grade school teachers?

In a thread about aging it was mentioned that one sign of aging is not being able to remember the names of your teachers. Do you remember yours? And do you remember something about them? How long has it been since you've been out of grade school?

It's been 35 years since 6th grade. Let's see...

K: Mrs. Mitchell. Nicest lady in the world. I still remember the big warm hug she gave me just before I moved away.

1st: No idea/Mrs. Giandonna. I have no memory of my 1st grade teacher in Iowa. When I moved to New York, I had someone with an easy name, like Smith or Miller. Then she got married and changed it to the unweildly Giandonna. I still remember what she looks like.

2nd: Mrs. Smith. I barely remember her.

3rd: No idea. I remember a Mrs. Tuttle, but I don't know if she was my teacher.

4th: Mrs. Hill. Nice lady.

5th: Can't remember the name, but I remember her. Yikes, what a bitch. I hated her.

6th: Mr. Rupersberger. Fairly cool guy. Was into odd things, like the supernatural. I first heard the Kentucky Fried Rat UL from him.
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(Cracks knuckles) You can do this, old broad.

Pre-K: Ms. Coleman
K: Ms. Rosenthal
Grade 1: ? Maybe Ms. Hall? Or was that the principal?
Grade 2: ?
Grade 3: Ms. Casstevens
Grade 4: Ms. Walsh
Grade 5: Dr. Warner
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K - Ms. Muggli who was (and apparently still is) a major name in women's body building. She was an awesome, awesome lady.

1st - Mrs Rapp who was the mom of one of the kids in my grade.

2nd - Mrs Smith who I don't remember much about.

3rd - Mrs Barnett who I also don't remember much about.

4th - Mrs Emmett who had awesome curly red hair.

5th - Mrs Neal who was very nice but crazy religious and about 1000 years old.
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Nope. I remember a few, but not all of them.
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Although I assume I attended grade school (having matriculated/graduated from college and all) I do not remember names of teachers. I'm 51.
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Great, I'm only in my 20s and I can only remember 4th and 5th grade teachers. I remember all of their faces though.
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Originally Posted by pbbth View Post
2nd - Mrs Smith who I don't remember much about.

Jefferson Avenue School in Perinton NY?

How many 2nd grade teachers named Mrs Smith who you don't remember much about can there be?

I think I remember you. Did I used to tug on your pigtails?
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Originally Posted by tdn View Post

Jefferson Avenue School in Perinton NY?

How many 2nd grade teachers named Mrs Smith who you don't remember much about can there be?

I think I remember you. Did I used to tug on your pigtails?
No, Mrs Smith at Indian Creek in Carrollton TX. Nice lady and she had a teacher in the next room named Mrs Schmidt and people were constantly getting them confused. I did wear pigtails fairly regularly though.
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1st grade: Mrs. Lockwood
2nd and 3rd grade: Ms. McDonie
Skipped 4th grade
Can't remember 5th or 6th, although I can remember the OTHER 6th grade teacher (Mr. Harper) just not my own.

Oh, and it should be noted that I was at one school for 1st and 5th grade, another school for 2nd and 3rd, and then a third school for 6th.

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K: Mrs. Reese. Don't remember the classroom number because it was a different school than the rest. She was nice, but I still remember being held back from recess once because I called someone dumb.

Grade 1: Room A-6 - Mrs. Lagomarsino - little old lady type, on the strict side. She spanked a kid in class once.

Grade 2: Room A-5 - Mrs. Krebs - We called her Crabs for a reason (crabby). One day, a group of us were at the reading table with her. Before work began, we were joking around. I made a fart sound with my mouth and laughed. She sent me back to my desk. I was so pissed about it, I apparently didn't even hear her calling me back to the reading table, repeatedly. She thought I was ignoring her. She called my mom after school, who made me write an apology note to Crabs. I didn't want to give it to Crabs, so I threw it under the bus in the school parking lot. Someone found it later and gave it to her. She called my mom again, and now I had to apologize for disrupting the class AND for throwing the note under the bus.

Grade 3: Room B-3 - Mrs. West. Hubba hubba. Hottie. She got pregnant, took the entire class to lunch at McDonalds as a farewell (on my birthday in 1979) and then she was replaced by Mrs. McGill ... what a hag!

Grade 4: Room B-4 - Mrs. Grate - another little old lady, but nice. I loved when she took us to see some California Missions. I also loved that when she let the class go alphabetically at times, when the class was acting up, she would reverse the alphabet every other time. My last name is toward the end. (Reading in Room B-6 with Mr. Zeto)

Grade 5: Room C-1 - Mr. Ruby - Nice guy. (Reading class was with Mrs. Hill in C-2).

Grade 6: Room C-6 - Ms. Craig - She was ok. (Reading and social studies with Mr. Petersen in C-4. That guy was a mean asshole. He picked his nose a lot, so he earned the nickname, Mr. Peterpicker. He wanted to show off his new motorcycle without disturbing the other classes, so he wheeled it into the classroom and started it up with all the classroom windows closed. He married Ms. Craig later.)

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Originally Posted by Covered_In_Bees! View Post
Great, I'm only in my 20s and I can only remember 4th and 5th grade teachers. I remember all of their faces though.
Hell, I'm 26 and I recall very little about first and second grade. I remember in first grade there was a bully named Joanna whose ass I eventually kicked, then she (and everybody else) left me alone forever. So I know at least that there was a first grade, and I was there. Second grade? Never happened.
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Mrs. Anderson
Mrs. Beavers
Mrs. Zelsman (mean as Hell, with the multiplication tables and all.)
Mrs. Reed
Mrs. Finley (really mean. Truly Evile.)
Mrs. Dearasaugh (Mother was teaching by this time and they were friends.)
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I don't remember my third-grade teacher. It was the year after my mother died and it was kind of a haze for me. My second-grade teacher, which was where I was when she died, had also been my sister's teacher so I do remember her name. My fifth-grade teacher got married halfway through the year, and I remember her maiden name but not her married name. Everybody else I remember, including the music and art teachers.
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No. I have strong memories of some, but most have been lost to the ages for me.
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Catholic grade school here, grades 1-5. Pretty horrible with names-my favorite was Miss Wright, whose maiden name I remember only because she got married in the middle of the year (forgot what her new name was tho). By far the best of the lot, she is who I use as inspiration when tutoring a young one. Compassionate, patient, nonjudgemental, hell I'd have married her if I could have.

K is a complete blank-it was at a nondenominational school...
2nd was this brainless twit of a nun, who graded me harder than everyone else in the class because I was smarter than they were. Good job boosting my confidence there.
3rd & 5th were both civilians, both must have been PMSing like crazy most of the time as they were total bitches. 5th liked to play favorites, as when she sent me to the 1st grade room after I made a paper airplane, all the while ignoring the little twerp next to me doing the exact same thing.
4th is another blur, another nun I think, only thing I remember is that I disliked her too-by then I was firmly of the opinion that Teacher = Enemy; took me a long while, and some good college instructors, to get me completely over these trust issues when it came to any teacher. I envy those who had competent fair ones that you felt were on your side; mine (save 1st of course) serve me as strong negative examples of what NOT to do when trying to enlighten your charges.

Oh, by 6th grade (and in another Catholic school which made the above one look like Harvard) I had been switched to revolving instructors for specific classes. Mr. Balcerak was a cool science teacher but had falsified his application and was discharged for being a fraud halfway through the year.

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Kindergarten: Mrs. Funk
1st: Mrs. Wilson (I think)
2nd: Mrs. Crouch
3rd: Mrs. Bigham
4th: ?
5th: Mrs. Castro
6th: ?
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Originally Posted by faithfool View Post
Kindergarten: Mrs. Funk
1st: Mrs. Wilson (I think)
2nd: Mrs. Crouch
3rd: Mrs. Bigham
4th: ?
5th: Mrs. Castro
6th: ?
I'd bet serious money that you and your fellow students never made fun of their names.
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All of them? No.

And I'm twenty.

ETA: You guys only had one teacher per year?

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K: Don't remember I was in Germany at the time.
1st: Mrs. Arenz.
2nd: Ms. Murphy
3rd: Mrs. O'Malley/Mrs. Parrish (moved in the middle of 3rd grade)
4th: Mr. Okfen
5th: Mr. Koval
6th: Mr. Semon
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Okay, everyone who can remember their teachers' names, please tell me you're 17 years old.
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Give or take 30.
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I'm 45, MoL. Interestingly enough, I can barely remember a good many of the people I went to high school with, though.
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K - Mrs. Baker
1 - Mrs. Hess -- my pastor's wife.
2 - Mrs. Wozny -- Or Mrs. Wubbleyou as she called herself.
3 - Mrs. Kvedra -- She took over for Mrs. Schwa who had a baby around Christmas.
4 - Mrs. Smith
5 - Mr. Helmer -- he has a points chart and you got taken off the chart if you got x number of points behind. I got taken off for a month for trying to tell him that "shit" was not a swear word.
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Bah, so my memory's a sieve when it comes to names. What else is new?
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OK, here goes, and, for the record, I'm 44.

Kindergarten: Mrs. Fiene
1st: Miss Bee
2nd: Mrs. Fiene, again
3rd: Mrs. Riggart
4th: Sister Columba, then Sister Maxine (I moved mid-year)
5th: Mrs. Shoultz
6th: Miss Simmons
7th: Mrs. Diette
8th: Mrs. DeGroot
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K - Mrs. Salazar
1 - Mrs. Cardenas
2 - Mrs. Brazil
3 - Mrs. Smith
4 - Mrs. Ortiz (my favorite)
5 - Mrs. Ortiz (different one, 4th was Janet, 5th was Giovanna)
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Huh, lessee...

Pre-K there were two teachers, one of whom was Mrs. Johnstone.
K also had two teachers, one of whom may have been Mrs. Wheat. (They may have both been my Pre-K teachers, but they are the only two out of the four I remember.)

Grade 1: Ms. Hall, who got married midway through the year and became Mrs. Beck.
Grade 2: Mr. Harris. His first name was Basil, which we all thought was hilarious.
Grade 3: Mrs. Craven.
Grade 4: Mrs. Cody. She was mean.
Grade 5: Mr. Karafelis. Definitely in the running for Best. FRIGGIN'. Teacher. Ever. I had a separate teacher for math but damned if I can remember her name.
Grade 6 was when we started getting exposed to the "switch rooms and teachers every period" approach, so I had Mrs. Ventre (homeroom), Mr. Berry, Miss Hooley, Mrs. Therrien, and Mrs. Brody (who was meaner than Mrs. Cody).
Grade 7 was Mrs. Heath (homeroom), Mr. Derderian, Miss Bybee (replaced by Ms. Nicholson), Mr. Havener, and Mr. Starr.
Grade 8 was Ms. Myers (homeroom), Mr. Scannell, Mr. Boisjolie (I found out that year my mother had dated his cousin when she was in high school), Mr. Watkins, and Mrs. Brindisi.

I turn 40 next month.

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Kindergarten: Miss Young. She's the only one I don't have a clear picture of in my head. But she left teaching -- or at least our school -- after my year in her class; she had a baby. I remember being upset when I started first grade and she wasn't in school any longer.

1st grade: Mrs. Shaw. She didn't make a big impression. I only remember that I liked her much less than Miss Young.

2nd grade: Mrs. Foster. I'd call her a bitch but I don't wish to insult Lassie. She spanked a LOT--not just for misbehaving in class, but for getting poor grades. I'm pretty sure she got off on it.

3rd grade: Mrs. Byrne. A plump blond with glasses. She read my older sister the riot act once because, while my mother was ill, my sister let me walk to school on a rainy day without coat or umbrella. I loved her. She's tied for my favorite with..

4th grade: Miss Dolan. In retrospect she wasn't a very good teacher, as she didn't believe in giving homework. She was, however, ridiculously hot.

5th grade: Mrs. Cleaves. She had an ... interesting .... reputation. Kids always began her class thinking she was an unrepentent bitch, but by about two months into the school year everyone adored her. She only pretended to be a bitch at first because she felt you could always loosen up on discipline, but tightening up was much harder. She'd be my favorite except that, years later, she hurt my baby sister's feelings by telling her that I was smarter than she (my baby sister), which hurt her feelings. I have a hard time forgiving that, even though I know she was trying to motivate her.

6th grade: Mrs. Van Dyke. Like Cleaves, she pretended to be mean the first six weeks or so of the year and then mellowed out. Of course, by then I was hip to that trick. She gave me my first copy of The Chronicles of Narnia as a Christmas present.

School librarian: Mrs. Thomason. She also directed all the school plays, which were NEVER of the kids-walking-around-dressed-as-vegetable variety. They were always full-blown musicals.

Principal: Mrs. Carrier. Lovely lady. They named a street for her after she retired.

Assistant principal: Mr. Hall. A miserable prick. The best way to illustrate that is to tell the story of his reaction to a TV movie that aired when I was in 6th grade about child molestation. The day after the movie aired the school decided to have an assembly about it, segregated by gender. Mr. Hall led the assembly for the boys, and he spent it mocking the little girl from the movie as stupid, insisting that anything that had happened to her was her fault because she was so obviously stupid.

Gym teacher: Mr. Stennis. An even more miserable prick. Best friend of Mr. Hall, of course. Sick bastard.
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Originally Posted by MeanOldLady View Post
Bah, so my memory's a sieve when it comes to names. What else is new?
Meh. These days, me too. I have strong memories from childhood. But lately, if a meet someone new I'll forget their name seconds after they tell it to me. It gets embarassing.
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Originally Posted by MeanOldLady View Post
Okay, everyone who can remember their teachers' names, please tell me you're 17 years old.
I'm pushing 40, dear, sorry.
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Huh, funny what gets jarred loose when you rifle through your mental files...

I even remember our middle school was divided into three "wings" - Kittredge, Barnes, and... Cummings(?) for all three years; I was in Kittredge - K6, K7, and K8.

Wonder if this is enough for anyone with a mastery of Google-fu to find out where I went?
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I'm 30 and recently thought of this question myself. I was able to remember all mine, save for 3rd grade, but I asked around and figured it out.

I don't need to publish the list tho, heh.
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I went to Catholic school, no K, but 1-8. I remember the names, and I could go to each classroom. Oddly enough, I was thinking about this the other day... Oh, and I graduated 8th grade in 1968.

1 - Sister Mary Alice - very tall (to a 6-y/o) and thin and old.
2 - Miss Strowhecker - she got married and left after she taught us.
3 - Sister Mary Cabrini - that year, the 3rd grade classrooms were in the church basement.
4 - Sister Mary Teresa - I was in her class when Kennedy was killed.
5 - Mrs. Jankowski - who taught my youngest sister in the 5th grade 11 years later.
6 - Sister Mary Timothy - we heard she left the convent. I don't think our class drove her to it.
7 - Sister Mary Gerald - taught English and Art. I was a horrible artist.
8 - Mrs. Finn - she liked to wear yellow.

And from 2nd grade on, our principal was Sister Mary Madonna. No relation to the singer.
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Originally Posted by Malleus, Incus, Stapes! View Post
ETA: You guys only had one teacher per year?
Yup...small Lutheran and Catholic schools. Typically I only had 20 to 30 kids in my entire grade.

Realized that the original poster asked if we remembered anything about said teachers. So...

K: Mrs. Fiene. Dark hair, very red lipstick. In retrospect, she looked like she could have been one of June Cleaver's bridge partners.
1st: Miss Bee. Very young, I think it was her first year out of college. Long straight hair, glasses. Given that it was 1971, she had a little bit of the hippie-chick look gong.
2nd: Mrs. Fiene again.
3rd: Mrs. Riggart. Middle-aged woman, brown hair, glasses, surprisingly funny sometimes.
4th: Sister Columba. Probably in her 1970s, thought all boys were imbeciles. Had some mail-order company that we'd order posters from, to raise money for the convent. Then, Sister Maxine, who was a lot younger (30s, probably), and didn't wear a habit (the first nun I'd ever met who didn't).
5th: Mrs. Schoulz. Lived around the corner from us; her twin sons, Peter and Paul, were two years ahead of me.
6th: Miss Simmons. Pretty, curvy, auburn hair, no sense of humor.
7th: Mrs. Diette. Had a *huge* crush on her; she looked like Marcia Strassman.
8th: Mrs. DeGroot. Older woman, had suffered a stroke a few years earlier, and one side of her face drooped.
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To protect the innocent (as well as me), I'll just use initials.

1: Mrs. EL She was 60 when I was in 1st Grade. She seemed really nice, but I don’t recall any personal dealings with her. She almost made it to 100. I think the principal of our school died when I was in first grade.
2: Mrs. JB She was also about 60. Kind of a sourpuss, too. She also made it into her 90s.
3): Mrs. JW. She was about 30. Her husband did a year or so as the principal at the same school until they found a “permanent” principal.
4): Mrs. P. She was probably about 60. Possibly the meanest teacher I ever had. She died six weeks into the school year. Years later, talking to my high school guidance counselor about her, she affirmed that she was just as bitter and nasty to other people as she was to students.
Mrs. VM succeeded Mrs. P six weeks into the year. She was about 25.
5): Mrs. RS In her late 50s. So far as I know, she’s the only teacher I had who had taught one of my parents, too.
Mrs. M: She taught math and science.
6): Mrs. JR homeroom. 50ish longtime friend of the family
Mrs. Hills: English. Mid-late 30s She pronounced the letter “W” as “dub-lee-uh.”
Mrs. J: Science. 30ish
Mrs. Hinnant: Math: 60ish, and rather grouchy
Mrs. M: History late 50s
Mrs. S: Social Studies. I still run into her once in a while.
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K (public school) - Mrs. Franzio (sp?)

Catholic grade school:

1st - Sister Ann Francis. What a bitch on wheels! I remember one of the kids asking her how she kept her veil on; naturally she responded that she stapled it to her head. She also refused to let kids to go to the bathroom when they had to go; I remember multiple kids peeing themselves in the middle of class because of this. She also refused to send me to the office when I broke my tooth & busted my lip open. She is the one person that I will hold an undying hatred for, for the rest of my life.

2nd - Mrs. McBride. She was very nice.

3rd - Miss Crawford, who got married & became Mrs. Gibbs. We had a long-term substitute, but I can't remember her name. Miss Crawford was my all-time favorite teacher.

4th - Ms. Fishburn. I remember for a span of a few weeks, before we would go to church for Stations of the Cross, one boy would have to vomit. Only he would wait until the last minute, so he'd be running down the hall, leaving a trail of puke in his wake.

5th - Sister Rosemary. She carried tissues up her sleeve. Another bitchy nun.

6th - Mrs. Guerrieri. What an oddball.

7th, pt 1 - Mrs. Guerrieri at the beginning of the year. She ended up having a nervous breakdown a few months in. The principal of the school (Sister Joan Boyle) blamed our class.

7th, pt 2 - Ms. Pisapia. They combined the two classes into one. That didn't work so well.

7th, pt 3 - Mrs. Domenico. They split the classes up once again.

8th - Mrs. Domenico. She wore incredibly high heels & tight dresses. Her husband was the vice(?)-principal at my high school. 8th grade was the worst time of my life school-wise.

In the middle years we had a tiny nun, Sister I-can't-remember-her-name-for-the-life-of-me, who was in charge of the lunch room. If you were talking or doing anything remotely resembling fun while you were eating, she emphatically told you that you would be going to hell. Looking back, I think dementia was touching her by that point in her life.

Good times. I'm 34, by the way.

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K - Ms. Boyer. A young teacher and she was totally awesome.
1st - Mrs. Stockdale. Old, cranky and rather mean from what I recall. She's the one that sent me to the principals office where I was spanked rather severely.
2nd on - Mom. I was homeschooled from then on so this bit is rather easy for me.
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K begins in 1976.

K: Mrs. Paige (only a short while*).
K-1: Mrs. Straw & Mrs. Williams
2: Mrs. (Ginny) Van Benthysen (sp.?)
3: Mrs. Rucker
4: Mrs. Frye & Mr. Moore, transferred mid-year to magnet school with
4-5: Mrs. (Lois) Gubitosi
6: Mrs. Delatorre

Later grades would be much harder. Why I can remember, or even knew, two of the first names but no others is beyond me. Perhaps it was the first time I ever encountered that particular name.

*According to Mom, she didn't like me ’cause I could already read when I entered class, spoiling her special moments with the class where she introduced the joy of literacy. I can remember a specific moment where we were all sitting around looking up at a big easel which held a series of four pictures: black-and-white drawings with labels in those big sans-serif letters below. goat, dog, door, and one other d- one. Mrs. Paige asked us which thing was different, and I answered "the goat." She asked how I knew, expecting "because it starts with 'guh'" or some such response, or a reference to the color alone, but I answered "because it starts with a blue G, and the others start with a red D." Apparently, this infuriated her. My mother bears a special hatred for her to this day.
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ETA: 3rd grade, long-term sub, Mrs. Randall
Mrs. Gubitosi's T.A.s, Mrs. (Jean) Botroff and (Mercedes) Vahdat. Isn't google wonderful? I had to check the spelling of "Vahdat" and lo and behold, she's still employed in the San Diego area. (And I did have her name wrong: -adah- instead of -adha-.)

I wonder how many of them remember US?
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I'm 26. Let's see.

K--Miss Cindy. This was at an accredited kindergarten at a day care. We watched the shuttle. I already knew how to read and do simple math, so I don't have a lot of learning memories from there. Miss Cindy was okay. I don't think I liked her as much as I liked the one for the four year-olds, who I think was Miss Donna.

First Grade--Mrs. Graf. Black hair, glasses. Calmed me down because I was shaking the first day. She held her pencils the same way that I do, with it resting on the ring finger instead of the middle. I probably learned it from her, since hand-eye coordination was the thing I had the most trouble with. Many teachers and my father tried to break me of that grip. It didn't work. She thought I had a learning disability, but, once she found out that I didn't (I was just bored), she helped convince the librarian to let me read the big kid books. I read Charlotte's Web; it was hardcover and bound in a replacement blue binding with white lettering on the spine. I loved it. Mrs. Buck taught my math class, and she was fun. She taught us tangrams, and I amazed her by knowing what a parallelogram was.

Second Grade--Mrs. Guerra. Black hair, no glasses, probably pretty tiny. She was pretty cool, but I wasn't especially close with her. I liked Mrs. Graf a bit better. Mrs. Guerra taught us Spanish on alternate Fridays, though, and I loved that. She did our reading group, too, and I was less big on that; she let us pick the spelling words. Turns out, a couple of years later, there was no need for us to know how to spell Czechoslovakia. I had Mrs. Ramos for math, because I was in the high math group. She was really gruff. I didn't like her as much.

Third Grade--Mrs. Jacobson. I didn't like her at all. She was huge on neatness--one time she dumped my desk on the floor at the end of the day and made me stay after to clean it up, nevermind that I was in day care and had to catch a van to get there, and my mother worked 45 minutes away, and I didn't even have a key to my house, which was too far to walk to anyway. She yelled at me about math, because my work was always a mess. I really, really didn't like her, and third grade was hell. I had Mrs. Graf again for reading (she switched grades). I had Mrs. Newby for the pull-out program on math. She was really goofy and taught us bases and the like.

Fourth Grade--Mrs. Leonard. One of the best teachers I've ever had the luck to have. She was engaging. She didn't take shit. She didn't let people give other people shit. Almost all of the teasing stopped; one of the kids got referred to a therapist. She put in time with the after school day care program--which I started in that year--and coached cheerleading for middle schoolers. Dedicated and awesome and one of those who genuinely cared for every student she had. Last I heard, she was the principal of (I think) a middle school. She got very sick at the end of the year and was off for two-three weeks. I think she was in the hospital. For reading--before they did away with reading groups--I had Mrs. Jacobsen (different teacher than the third grade one). I didn't like her as much. Aging hippie type who still managed to be by the book. For math, I was in the gifted program, and had Mrs. Trunk-Rende. She was. . .really enthusiastic. That's all I remember, honestly.

Fifth Grade--Mrs. Ritchie. Seemed to like the popular kids, not really care about anyone else. Long, curly brown hair; she kinda looked like a sorority sister. A little disengaged--which might've been explained by the fact that she was pregnant, and was off for the last month of school. I started to enjoy school less then, because the non-math accelerated tracks went away. I had Mrs. Trunk-Rende for math again.

Sixth Grade--Mr. Mislevy. He was pretty cool, but I was starting to get teenage attitude--I was 11--and really didn't connect. I probably would've liked him better in a few years. He was more of the creative type, but not in a bad way; he made us each write a poem as punishment, and that's the first time I enjoyed writing. I think he was a better teacher than I gave him credit for at the time, and might actually be my second favorite. I had Mrs. Kerwin for math; she was really strict, but started the process of getting my head screwed on straight on the subject. Unfortunately, I was gone the two days she explained trig, and I never caught up.

Yeah. My memory is weird.
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Sure thing.

K - Fran and Evelyn
1 - Sandy
2 - Marilyn
3 - Mr. Aaseth (I moved between second and third grades, can you tell?)
4 - Mr. Aaseth again
5 - Mr. Furze
6 - Ms. Ahern

I don't know how you could not remember.
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I hate this thread.

I even went to my elementary school's website to look up the staff. Who the hell are all these people? None of my teachers are there anymore. The only familiar names and faces are my brother's second grade teacher, and my sister's fourth grade teacher. I cannot remember for the life of me who my first and second grade teachers were. Well first grade, anyway. I've already concluded that second grade never happened.
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Originally Posted by tdn View Post
I'd bet serious money that you and your fellow students never made fun of their names.
Oh, you know we did. Crouch was Grouch and Bigham was, of course, Big Ham. Plus Funk was something, but I can't remember what. And no, it wasn't fuck. Heh. The only one who should've but slid was Castro. Wonder why we missed that opportunity?

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I went to a really small school in a really small town so my parents knew the teachers, were friends with some of them, my mom (also a teacher) had taught some of them, etc. So that makes it easier for me to remember them since I continued to see them and/or hear about them from my parents after school.

K - Mrs. R. She was a great kindergarten teacher. Loved the kids and knew how to make learning fun.

1st - Miss R. She was strict, but I was a brown-nosing goody two-shoes so she liked me, and I liked her. She died a few years ago from some form of cancer.

2nd - Mrs. G. She was young, and didn't know all that well what she was doing. Plus, she made my mom mad because she switched to whole language from phonics. (Mom was an English teacher so this was a Big Deal to her.)

3rd - Mrs. C. She was also young, and really wasn't good at discipline. It generally consisted of sending the "bad" kid to the principal's office with a "good" kid (often me) following them down the hall to make sure they got there. That made me feel really good.

4th - Mrs. S. She was ok. I liked her well enough. She had a kid named Dakota (early in the Dakota trend) when I was in high school. Then a few years later her husband cheated on her and they got divorced. I told you it was a small town where everyone knew everyone.

5th - My godparents knew her, and called her by her maiden name. So even though I never knew her when she wasn't married, I'm only coming up with her maiden name now. And they called her DeeDee. So... all I can think of right now is DeeDee. Not really very respectful! Oh well.

6th - Miss S. She knew my great-grandparents and remembered when they had the general store in the town where she grew up. She was very off-beat and wacky, the kind of thing that keeps students awake and kind of off-kilter because you never knew what she was going to do next.

I could go on and list all of my high school teachers too. Because it was a small school, I had most of them for 4 years so that makes it easier.
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Kindergarten: Mrs. Misbeek. I think she was old even then, and she lived a good long time after that (I think she died when I was in high school). Very nice, sweet old lady.

First grade: Miss Needham. Very nice, rather butch. I think she was a lesbian; of course, nobody would say so back then. I liked her a lot, especially since I was already a dedicated tomboy by then. Short blonde hair, always wore pants.

Second grade: Mrs. Vogel. Standard middle-aged lady teacher. Nice but not very memorable. Tall, dark hair, glasses, old-lady hairdo.

Third grade: Mrs. Noren. Very strict, expected a lot of me. I liked her a lot because she challenged me. Middle aged, tall, thin, stylish, reddish-brown hair. Slightly mannish looking, very smart.

Fourth through sixth grade: Mr. Zefferi. I was in a HAP (High Academic Potential) class that combined 4th through 6th grade classes in one big room. I adored this guy. He was strict, kind of grumpy, smart as hell, and didn't take any crap from students. When you got a compliment from him you knew you deserved it, and when you screwed up he let you know it. I learned a ton from him. Short, middle aged, balding, looked tough (I believe he had been in the military before taking up teaching in later life).

ETA: I was in grade school during the early to mid 70s.

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Age 43, grade school in the '70s ...

K: Mrs. Peterson - older lady (aren't they all when you're 5?) who I don't remember much else about.

1st: Mrs. Hitt - I even remember her first name: Audine. Have never encountered that name since. She had straight, shoulder-length auburn hair.

2nd: Miss Ochs (pronouched "Oaks") - The sweetest teacher I ever had. She was morbidly obese when I had her as a teacher. When my family was preparing to move to a new city after my junior year in high school, Miss Ochs was the one grade school teacher I went back to say goodbye to (and she remembered me!), and I remember being surprised to discover she had lost probably 300 pounds in the interim, and was now extremely petite.

3rd: Mrs./Miss (don't remember which) Osier - Is that a Swedish name? Because she looked Swedish, with that long, perfectly straight, platinum blonde hair and tanned skin.

4th: Mrs. Geiger - I think the youngest teacher I had in grade school

5th: Mrs. Snitzler - Aaaaaaaaaagh! Hated that [email protected]#$%. 42 different wigs, wore a different one every day. Instilled a great hatred of math into me. For some reason believed that at 10 years old we were now "adults" and were no longer allowed to go by names like "Bobby" or "Johnny" or "Billy". My then-best-friend Corky became "Gordon". Her preferred disciplinary technique was enforced peer pressure, i.e. making the entire class pay when one student irritated her. Not coincidentally, 5th grade was when I started getting bullied.

6th: Mrs. Benedict - The only other grade school teacher whose first name I remember: Mildred. Elderly, really should have retired at least a year before I entered the 6th grade. Disliked her as strongly as I disliked Mrs. Snitzler, but for different reasons. Looking back, I think she'd been a teacher for just a bit too long, and had lost her patience. I wished I was in Miss Brown's 6th Grade class. Miss Brown was young and pretty and wore short skirts and go-go boots

I also remember my elementary school's music teacher, Miss Peru. I credit Miss Peru for my lifelong love of the more complex kinds of music. She played Styx and Steely Dan for us.

The only teacher I ever had a crush on was my 7th & 8th Grade English teacher, Miss Buzzard. She was straight-out-of-college young, had long, straight, blond hair, and was very very pretty.
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You're going to see some repeats. It was a small school and they moved the teachers occasionally.

K - Mrs. Young
1 - Mrs. Dilly
2 - Mrs. Kearney
3 - Mrs. Young
4 - Mrs. Kearney
5/6 (combined class) - Rev. Killingstad (both years)

It was a Baptist elementary school. The Baptist part didn't take.
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1st--Mrs. Rankin. Our elementary school hadn't been built yet, so this was in local church room. GIANT book of "Dick and Jane" (oh, and Spot the dog). Naps, which I hated. Didn't sleep.

2nd--now in the new Mckinley Elementary School in Arlington VA. Mrs. Ripley. Cool lady, don't remember much except girls.

3rd.--Mrs. Whitney. You had to learn your times tables thru 9x9 to get out of grade. My buddy and I learned thru 12x12. Math was always easy.

4th. Mrs. Sweet. My buddy, Dougie Broyles and I aced all the math, and wrote "Randolph the Bowlegged Cowboy." I'm sure we invented it. He had lived in Ohio previously, and had a sack of buckeyes. We threw them at cars going past his house, then hid. She was old(probably about 35 or so. )

5th. Mrs. Asher. She was younger, hot, we made dioramas? and used paper mache. Had school store with fake money.

6th grade. Mr. Young, cool new teacher. He later became principal. We played softball at recess, I made an unassisted triple play. (Girls are slow runners). Math was still easy. First realized my fellow students hated me because they couldn't do the math problems and I always raised my hand. It just came naturally.

Later, 7-12th grade, I turned into a lump of nothingness. Hormones. I blame hormones. Yeah. It was them hormones.

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Originally Posted by MeanOldLady View Post
I hate this thread.

I even went to my elementary school's website to look up the staff.
You cheated.
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I skipped kindergarten. First grade was Miss Kempson. Dark hair, don't remember much else. Second grade was Miss Johnson. <shrug> Third was Miss Walker, who I HATED. We called her a witch. Fourth was Miss Pulford, who was an awesome sweet plump lady who everybody loved. She had a wooden toucan with a bill that opened, and all the homework reports (reports you got for undone homework) went in there. She'd lecture us about not overfeeding the toucan. Fifth grade we moved into town and I switched schools and I had Mr. Miller, who was one of the best teachers I've ever had. Just looked him up on Facebook a few weeks ago to tell him that.

ETA - by the way, that's the Southern tradition of calling all school teachers (female) Miss. No idea if any of them were married or not.

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