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What makes your sinuses crackle and pop?

Pretty much sums up the question. When your sinuses clear up, like, for example, when you take a hefty snort of oxymetazoline (Dristan), what on earth are those crackly, popping noises? What is causing those? Sure feels good, but what the hell are those strange sounds?
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The paranasal sinuses are fixed spaces with openings into the nasal cavity.

As fluid drains out or air makes its way in, you might hear and feel a popping much the same way that fluid burbles out of any fixed enclosed space and air burbles in to equalize the pressure--say a bottle with a small neck. Because the fluid is viscous you might get a fairly sudden release as the pressure differentials equalize.
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You also might want to quit shoving Rice Krispies up your nose, too.

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