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Sandblasting a cast iron pan

I can easily see this ending up in GQ if a mod wants to move it.

I inhereted a set of cast iron pans coated in rust. I'd love to take them to get sandblasted them take them home to season them. Where should I take them? Do it myself? A construction site? SOL?
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I scrubbed mine down with a paste of salt and vegetable oil. Worked liek a charm - lots of elbow grease though.
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Sandblasting sounds pretty drastic--wouldn't steel wool do the trick?
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If the rust is that serious, I'd just use a rotary wire brush in an electric drill, then scrub with soapy water and a stiff nylon brush to remove the residue, rinse, dry and start the seasoning straight away to prevent fresh rust on the bare metal.

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If you want to blast it, you might check with a good mechanic or machine shop. Sometimes they have bead-blasting equipment, which does the same thing. A bead-blasting set usually involves a cabinet, so it's nice for small parts.
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Makers of headstones, autobody shops, and powdercoaters also use sandblasters.
The realy rusty pans I have done needed a bit of smoothing with a disc grinder to get to a seasonable surface.
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If the rust is that bad/deep, then grab a Dremel and a wire wheel and get at it. Although usually a little steel wool and elbow grease will do the trick.
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In my area there are shops dedicated to industrial sand blasting and you can choose what type of medium to blast it with. In your case you just need sand. You could do it yourself but a little 1/4 inch nozzle is nothing compared to a 2 inch low flow nozzle. They'll be able to do all of them in minutes. If it's just a little surface rust then hit it with sandpaper and steel wool.

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