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Do I Need to Refrigerate Gochujang?

I bought a one-pound plastic box of gochujang tonight because this recipe for kimchi soup that I want to try calls for it. Unfortunately, the label is entirely in Korean and I canít read any of it. Do I need to refrigerate it after I open it? The ingredients list (the only thing on the packaging written in English) says red pepper powder, wheat flour, corn syrup, salt, green tea extract, alcohol, glucose. None of these need to be refrigerated by themselves, so I probably donít have to store it in the fridge, right?
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Mmm. Kimchi jjigae. Anyhow, I have a container of gochujang in my fridge. The packaging to mine, which is Korean-English-French, includes the note: "Keep refrigerated after opening." Whether this is a suggestion or requirement, I don't know, but I've always kept it in the fridge, as I do all such pastes.

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I've never heard of anyone not keeping it in the fridge after opening, and I'm Korean. Put that sucker in the fridge. Either than or keep it buried in your yard. Whatever works.
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Originally Posted by HazelNutCoffee View Post
Either than or keep it buried in your yard. Whatever works.
The traditional method.

(It probably really is!)
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Sometimes the package recommends keeping in the fridge for the sake of quality instead of safety. Sometimes it's just to cover the manufacturer's butt. I am not familiar with this product, so I can't be 100 percent sure, but judging from the ingredients, nothing would promote bacterial growth. However, when in doubt, err on the side of safety.
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Originally Posted by HazelNutCoffee View Post
Either than or keep it buried in your yard.
Inadvisable. Did you ever see the episode of MASH where Frank Burns thought the locals were burying a bomb in the compound and it turned out to actually be a kimchi pot? The last thing I need is Homeland Security on my ass.
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