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How long can I keep using my old checks?

I really only use checks for one thing: to pay my rent each month. So I still have dozens if not hundreds of checks from the box that I ordered 3 years ago.

However, 2 pieces of info on the checks are outdated: my home address (moved last month), and the name of the bank (Washington Mutual became Chase). Account number and routing number have stayed the same.

The checks have been happily accepted in the several months since Washington Mutual's demise, and my first rent check at the new place was cashed with no problem. So is there really any reason to fork out another 10 bucks for a big box of checks I'll never finish using?

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All that matters is the account number and routing number. So you should be able to keep using them indefinitely.

But it certainly doesn't hurt to get new checks with your correct address on them, especially if there's ever a problem with a billing department somewhere. You want to be able to show them a canceled check with an address that matches the bill.
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Once, I bought a bunch of cheap address labels and would stick them over the old address information on my old checks as a way of updating them. Never had any problem with them being refused. As stated, the routing and account numbers are the essential components.
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Originally Posted by friedo View Post
All that matters is the account number and routing number.
Indeed, checks don't even have to be made of paper.
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Just cross out the printed address and write in your current one.

I've been doing this for the 8 years I've been writing rent checks after moving from my previous address. Never had a problem, never bothered buying new ones, and still have about 100 left.

I'm about to buy a place, though, so in celebration I plan to buy checks with my OWNED address! Which I'll probably never need at all once my mortgage is electronically paid.

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FWIW I have the same story (I moved, WaMu went under) and I'm still using my first box of WaMu checks. I googled the routing number and it now shows up as a Chase-JP Morgan routing number (I'd link but I don't have my checkbook on me to get the #).
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I have a checking account from the mid-80s. The bank in question has changed its name (and the checks I have show 19____________ on the date line). I have no trouble using them.
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You might run into one problem though by using the older address. I had a check come back to me from someone else that lived at my address 6-7+ years ago. The post office must have destroyed the envelope and looked at the check and sent it back to me. But if you're not mailing any checks out I wouldn't worry about it at all.

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