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What does eel taste like?

OK, so I'm a big sushi fan and have enjoyed eel rolls for a long time. So, tonight I decided to try it out of roll for the first time. So as I masticated my naked unagi, I thought that it tasted like albacore tuna. My mother remarked that it tasted like chicken (not jokingly) and my sister couldn't discern a distinct taste through the sauce they used.

So, I thought I'd put the question out there. For those of you who've tried eel before, how would describe the taste? (And please don't say "fishy")
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It is a dense, meaty white fish - chicken is a reasonably apt comparison for the texture. Tuna or swordfish for the flavour?- perhaps with a slight shellfishy sweetness that one might normally associate with crab,
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I'm with Mangetout but it is many years ago that I tried it. Also, I ate fresh water eels so maybe their salt water cousins could have a different taste.
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For me it depends a lot on the sauce, but I would have to say tastes like chicken, but feels like calamari at times with it being chewy and slender the way it feels when you bite into it.
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What I've had tasted like sea scallop, and was in the same form too. I read somewhere that eel is sometimes sold as more expensive sea scallops.
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You need to take them out of the container before eating, or they will taste a bit like a hovercraft.
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Another "it tastes like chicken"- or like frog legs actually. It's also very very boney. Quite good though.

Completely unsolicited trivia: King John of England died from food poisoning after eating eels. They probably were the exception though, and could well have had help getting poisoned.

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I guess it has already been covered, but I cannot help but repeat: it tastes just like wasabi and soy sauce.
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The only time I've ever had it, it tasted mostly like the barbecue sauce that was on it, but it was more like chicken-with-BBQ-sauce than like most other things with BBQ sauce.
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Originally Posted by Sinisterniik
So as I masticated my naked unagi
I saw what you did there, but you didn't shock me, ha ha!
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It's eeeeeeeeee-licious!

sorry, sorry!
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Is eel sold raw? I have only had it roasted with sauce.
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Unagi tastes like sausage to me.
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I've only had the smoked unagi version of eel. It tastes vaguely chickenish to me.
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I've caught and eaten several here in S. GA-

They tasted like catfish, only longer.
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Originally Posted by Oslo Ostragoth View Post
Is eel sold raw? I have only had it roasted with sauce.
The sushi version, that is. I love it.
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Chicken/Tuna is a good one. Has a tuna type of flavor but "feels" like you're eating chicken.
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