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I feel like an idiot because I can't figure this out. Does have auctions? Every time that I try to google it, I keep getting this link where I log in to my account and then... Well, I don't know, but it doesn't appear to be what I'm looking for. It's a page that says "Search Transactions" at the top but it appears to be searching transactions that I've completed recently.

Am I missing something obvious and simple here? I must be. This seems too difficult. Where's the dunce cap smiley?
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I'm not aware of auction selling on Amazon. They allow individuals to set-up web stores to sell items through the Amazon portal. But items are listed for a flat price, I am not aware of an auction feature that would allow purchasers to bid on items.
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Thanks. Yeah, I was aware of that, but my dad told me that there were auctions. Maybe he was confused and thought that the Marketplace stuff was auction-based.
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I almost forgot. I saw this article and it says that there are auctions on, too.*

*No, I don't believe everything that I read on the internets.

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I know there used to be auctions on Amazon, but I actually had forgotten about it. The last time I saw it must have been close to 10 years ago or so. It seems like it was when online auctions were just starting up, and eBay was young.

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