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Velociraptors have eyes facing out not forward?

Going by reconstructions of velociraptors:

It appears that they have eyes on the side of their head, rather than facing forward. Is this accurate? Is it only a general rule that predators have forward-facing eyes and grazing animals have side-facing eyes?
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Dromaeosaurs are thought to have had front facing eyes, just further back in the head, because they had long snouts. Think something like the Brown Falcon.

Here's a drawing of a velociraptor to give you some idea of what I mean, although his tail is too short.

Here's another one that's probably more accurate.

And just for fun, here's a velociraptor riding a velocipede.

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Originally Posted by Sage Rat View Post
Is it only a general rule that predators have forward-facing eyes and grazing animals have side-facing eyes?
I think it may only apply to mammals? I can think of lots of non-mammalian predators without forward-facing eyes, from the hammerhead shark on down.
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Velociraptor, like most theropods, had eyes that were on the side of the head, but could face forward (that is, think of them as pointing more like 45 deg, rather than straight forward or straight out to the side).

Here is an image with a more frontal-view of the skull. While this isn't exactly accurate for the animal as a whole, the general skull structure is correct; note how the eyes point more-or-less forward, but also a bit out to the side.

Here is a reconstruction of Deinonychus which shows this, as well.
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