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How long between death and open casket funeral?

I know there's no hard and fast rule on this, but I'm curious. Earlier this week my uncle's mother passed away. However, they can't have the funeral until at least July 19th, because my uncle and aunt are in Europe.

I don't know the exact day she passed away this week, so let us say Tues July 13th. That's 6 days. My grandfather's funeral was at the 7 day mark, and I'm no stranger to open casket funerals, but he looked *horrible*.

My dad says they'll just embalm her and then freeze her until the funeral.

How much time will pass until a funeral home will very strongly try to dissuade an open casket funeral, given embalming? What about embalming + freezing?
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I recently went to an open casket viewing that was 5 days after she died. She looked fine.
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Depends on the condition of the body, and how good the embalming job was-- want me to ask my dad?
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I went to my friend's wife's funeral, which was held at least three weeks after she died (could have been four). Was surprised to see the casket open. I didn't get too close, but I could see from across the room that she was very white.
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Originally Posted by Guinastasia View Post
Depends on the condition of the body, and how good the embalming job was-- want me to ask my dad?
That's okay - it isn't a pressing question, just curiosity.
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Change funeral homes

I went to one last week where the death occurred a week before. The presentation looked great. The appearance really has little to do with the length of time when it's done right. You are not looking at the person. It's a representation of that person from a picture. Celebrities can look great on TV and then peel the mask off later and look horrible. The mask can be a true mask or make-up like funeral homes. Appearance is in the hands of the artist.
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