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Did Naughty By Nature bring the Bloods gang to the East Coast?

I grew up in Northern New Jersey, about 10 minutes outside of East Orange and Newark, in the late 80's. When I was a kid, there were no Bloods or Crips in the area, they were pretty much exclusive to the west coast. But by the time I reached high school in the mid 90's the Bloods had started to become a visible presence in my area. Certainly not to the level of what you would see depicted in a Dr. Dre video or anything, but they seemingly came out of nowhere.

The rumor at the time was that Naughty By Nature (the group behind songs like "O.P.P." and "Hip Hop Hooray") had introduced the Bloods into East Orange. As the story goes, Naughty by Nature hired members of the Bloods to be their bodyguards for their shows out in California, and when they returned back to New Jersey they kept two of the Bloods on staff. The two Bloods moved into East Orange and began recruiting kids from the neighborhood into the New Jersey branch of the gang, called the Double I's. From there, the Bloods eventually spread out to the rest of the Tri-State area.

The idea that a group like Naughty By Nature had actually been the source of these gangs always seemed a bit of a stretch (though a few of their songs do make reference to the Double I's), however I recently watched a documentary on HBO, "An Omar Broadway Film," ( about a Blood member from East Orange. In the documentary, a federal prosecutor mentions in passing that he believed that Naughty By Nature imported the gang.

So my question is, is there any way to confirm this story? The only source on the internet that I could find for this was a wikipedia article ( and a message board thread on ( I'd be interested in coming up with a more legitimate source for the information, but I have no idea how to go about researching it. Thanks for any help.
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According to the wiki article about bloods
1. the bloods formed in LA during the 70s. (NBN's lead was born in 1968)
2. the bloods became a big part of the NY jail system in 1993.

Naughty By Nature's first hit was released late September of 1991, so what are the odds that they'd be that noteworthy less than than a year and a half later?
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Well, it's worth noting that the Double I's formed in East Orange in 1993 according to wikipedia ( and that date lines up fairly well with my own memory. A press release from the Department of Justice says this:

The Double II Set, which started in 1993, is the oldest and largest Bloods set in New Jersey and one of the oldest, if not the oldest, on the East Coast.
(pdf link:

So the timeline of the gang, at least, would seem to fit in with the Naughty By Nature rumor.
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Ok, so from what I've heard....

NBN did bring some members into East Orange. Seen in a few DVD's released and I've watched and knew of local members yes. They had influenced on a movement. Around what time frame idk, but trech gets mad respect in the streets and on video shoots in the area. That's about all I know n can talk about as a ousider.
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