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What do you call the part of a phone that is not the receiver?

I think my question should be pretty self-explanatory. If you pick up a telephone receiver, what is the word for the rest of the phone, the part that's still sitting on the table or mounted to the wall? I feel like there is a word for this, but I have no idea what it is.
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the big part.

often called the base.
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I call it 'the telephone'; the part that I'm holding is 'the handset'.

But I do like 'the big part'.
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It is the base or possibly the cradle on certain types of phones.
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"Transmitter," "charger" or "base" in the various wireless phones I owned.

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Mickey Mouse.
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It depends a lot on what kind of phone it is. On some wireless models the base is little more than a charger and wireless transmitter while the handset is "the telephone". On old style phones the bit you pick up is just the handset with microphone and speaker while the rest of it is "the telephone". I think it comes down to where the number pad and display are.

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Cradle. Or base I suppose. I've never owned a cordless phone that wasn't a cell phone though so
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Looks like the answer is probably "base" or "base station" for modern phones

According to wiki the parts of the telephone include:

keypad or dial
base or base station

This older style phone has:

dust cover
dial mounting
line cord
handset cord

This really early style phone has:

clapper cover
hook switch
transmitter arm
transmitter faceplate
door screw
lighten arrestor
corner grommets
crank cover
transmitter cup

For a more modern wireless phone:

handset antenna
headset jack cover
handset battery compartment
handest earpiece
lcd display
memory key
talk key
various other keys....
handset microphone
handset charging contacts

In any case, a google image search for the term "parts of the telephone" gives a lot of good labelled diagrams for various types of telephones

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