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Plumber's Union Exam

My husband put in an application to be an apprentice in the plumber's union years ago, and finally got a letter about taking the aptitude test as the next step in the application process. He's taking the test at the beginning of October and wants to get in as much studying as possible, but we're having a hard time figuring out what's on the test. He asked at the union office and was told that the test has four parts including math & mechanical aptitude, but they didn't know what the other two parts ago. We found a sample math test online, and I've got an ASVAB prep book that I figured would be helpful for him, but does anyone have a better idea of what's on the test and what he should be studying? We're in Illinois.
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I'm not a plumber, but have you tried Plumber's Exam Preparation Guide by Howard C. Massey. It says it's a study guide for the apprentice, journeyman, or master plumber's exam. The final section appears to be a sample exam. Looks like you could get a used copy for as little as $12.
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I took the electrical test for the union about 20 years ago. It's similar the plumbing test. If your hubby did pretty well in High School and has a modicum of common sense then he shouldn't have much of a problem. It's a general aptitude test and a dexterity test (not hard unless he had two left hands). In case you haven't noticed, most construction workers aren't rocket scientists or barn surgeons. Heh.
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Originally Posted by Uncommon Sense View Post
It's a general aptitude test and a dexterity test (not hard unless he had two left hands). In case you haven't noticed
It's her husband, I think she would have noticed if he had two left hands!! :-)

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