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Explain these mugshot measurements.

This is probably a no-brainer, but I can't seem to figure out the numbers on the wall in this mugshot photo. I assume the numbers that increment in 3s are inches, making the guy roughly 5 foot 8 inches tall (I used 69 as his height since it's clearly marked, comes out at a nice "round" 5.75 feet and I don't know if hair counts).

What are the other numbers? Note, they are backwards in the upper left image compared to the other three.

Going by the last photo, the numbers 50-80 seem to correspond to 59-71, or 12 inches, meaning each inch is about 2.5 of the other number, so they're probably centimeters, but the centimeters would only extend down about 20 inches below the "50". It would probably work as "centimeters from the waist" for this guy, but obviously isn't what they're for.

Googling 'mugshot measurements' just gives hits on the guy who invented mugshots and modern methods are different from his.
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I think they might be omitting a meter. Like, the guy's height is 69 inches = 175 Cm
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Oh good grief, that's it. It's always the simple things that stump me.

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