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Help me find sound effects for my bloopers reel (need them tonight)

I recently did a dvd project and the last part of my assignment is to make a DVD of bloopers from the filming to give to the cast. I think it would be fun to spice it up a bit with some sound effects. The mistakes are just people forgetting lines and laughing or in one case someone nearly falling over, if that helps.

I've suddenly had my timeframe for finishing this project upped significantly, to the point where I have to mail them tomorrow, so I need these sound effects ASAP.

Thanks in advance!
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You can get some good sound effects at It's user-contributed, so the quality is hit or miss, but I've gotten some very good stuff off of there.
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Although the OP is done with her project, I'm going to move this to the correct forum anyway.


twickster, MPSIMS moderator
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