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What is the cure time for TFE paste for plumbing?

I'm having trouble finding the cure time until I can use the system. Please let me know what it normally is. I don't hold you responsible if it leaks. I'll just have to dissemble and reassemble again no damage done.

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You can use the pipes right away. It never hardens or cracks. That's a selling point.

I ran a black pipe gas line and used TFE paste on all the fittings. Had the gas back on minutes later.

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No cure for PFE

You go right to work with it. Actually, it probably works better when fresh as any fluidity of the product allows any leak potential to push it into place and self seal. That's the concept of it. Over long periods of time, it does tend to dry out and get flaky when you remove a fitting, but by then all the leaks have been locked out.
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yep use right away
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I added the water and will see if the fixture leaks. it's a poor design that I won't get into. Let's just say it should be self sealing and the design allows for leakage at the thread.

Thanks for the help.
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