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On a Facebook Event Page, how to list Co-Hosts of the Event?

Suppose Reginald has created an Event Page on Facebook for a party he's hosting.
I don't know Reginald but I do know Reginald's friend Walter. Walter wants me to come to Reginald's party so he uses Reginald's Event Page to send me an invitation.

I get a notice for the Event which tells me that Walter invited me.

On the event page, I see in the "Created by" field that the Event Page was created by Reginald. I can click on Reginald's name to be taken to his profile.

Now, there have been cases when I've seen two different people listed in the "Created by" field. I'm trying to figure out how to do this.

I'm co-hosting an event with a friend and I want that reflected on the page.
Yes, I could just put her name in the text of the description of the event but then it would still seem more like my event. Besides, I want her name in the "Created by" field so that it will be a clickable link to her profile.

When I invite people who don't know her, I want them to be able to click through and find out who she is. When she invites people who don't know me, I want them to be able to click through and see who I am.
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this week on "Answering Your Own Questions" . . .

O.K. figured it out.

You invite the person you want as the Co-Host.
Then bring up the "Awaiting Reply" List, beside the name there will be an option to "Make Admin". Once you make that person an Admin, even if they haven't replied yet, they'll show up in the "Created by" field.

. . . just in case anyone else was wondering.
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