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What's the dope on Pi Lambda Theta

I just got an offer from this honor's society. I did have a 4.0 for my master's program but I just started a Ph.D. at a different school. I can't find anything obvious that it is a scam but then again I've never heard of it.

Anyone ever heard of it?
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I've never heard of it but that's not surprising since the idea of a career in education makes me queasy. A quick google search brings up their own website and wikipedia - which both agree that it's an honor society for educators and students looking to work in education.

Other google hits seem to indicate that it really is a valid honor society with local chapters. Beyond that, I have no idea what it will do for you other than allow you to wear a pretty gold cord at graduation. With all the teachers and librarians on this board, there must be someone who knows more about it.
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Do they have a real live chapter on your campus? Or is it one of those "mail order fraternities" that mail you a pin if you mail them a check? I'd never trust the latter. I want to see where my money is going.
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Hi Saint Cad,

I manage social media for Pi Lambda Theta (PLT) and this thread came up in my Google Alert for "Pi Lambda Theta," so I thought I could answer some of your questions. PLT is an education honor society headquartered in Bloomington, Indiana. As of this fall it is the most recent member of PDK International's family of associations, which includes PDK and the Future Educators Association®. PDK Interntional is the professional educators association that also publishes Kappan magazine.

Benefits of Pi Lambda Theta membership do, yes, include gold cords for graduation, as well as a subscription to Educational Horizons magazine, which is currently being redesigned by the same editorial team that publishes Kappan. PLT members are also eligible to apply for PLT administered scholarships and grants and have access to other resources that, for the sake of brevity, I won't list here. You can find more about membership benefits at our web site at, or e-mail us at plt AT pdkintl DOT org.

Congratulations on your high academic achievements.

Carolyn Dew
PDK •Pi Lambda Theta •Future Educators Assocation®

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