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Solved: Sugar in the bottom of Aftershock Liquor

Love the liquor in tiny quantities, especially good for a sore throat. But that tempting sugar on the bottom!

Well, I figured out how to get it at last.

When the bottle is empty, put it in the microwave on its side, and zap it for one minute. It will be hot, so use a towel to get it out.

Now chip at the bottom with something metal -- I use a long bread knife. The sugar will shatter into bits and chunks, and you can pour it out.

The sugar still tastes like the liquor, too. Wonderful stuff.

If the sugar is particularly thick, you may have to mic it a second time to get all of it.
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Pouring a new, sugar free, liquid in should cause it to dissolve as well. Be it liquor or water, heated would make it happen faster. Not sure if that's what your after though.
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Actually, I initially thought the microwaving would melt the sugar, at least a little. I just wanted to get it out, and that's all I could think of.

The heat didn't melt it, just helped loosen it. (The silver on the labels doesn't spark, either.) Not sure if it loosens because of the heating of the sugar or the heating of the bottle.

You're correct, I wanted it in crystal form.
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