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My Paypal page is in Chinese?

Just logged on to Paypal a little while ago and the whole page was in Chinese. I have certainly never used it in anything but English. So I found the language preference menu and switched back to English. Naturally I was suspicious, so I checked the transaction log and there don't seem to be any fraudulent charges--no transactions at all for months, and the last one listed is a legitimate purchase of mine.

So is there any reason to be concerned?
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You should, from another computer, email paypal and ask them. It's entirely possible it's no big deal...and yet it's ALSO entirely possible your system is compromised.
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Change your password.
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Originally Posted by Rigamarole View Post
Change your password.
From another computer. If you have a keylogger, changing your password from that computer is worthless.
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Agreed. You want to access them from a different computer for the moment.

You might want to call them. Here's a link to their Customer service page - You don't have to log in to access this.


Click on "Call Us" in the #2 menu and it will give you a pin number to enter when you dial the phone number it shows.
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Just because no illegitimate payments have been made yet doesn't mean a scammer hasn't got your info. I would definitely permanently change the password from a secure computer, then do a full virus scan just in case.

For what it's worth, I have had my paypal hacked once before, and they spent $50 on some in-game currency for an online game I had never heard of (Atlantica or something iirc)... problem is, I never had a virus and I don't click on phishing emails. I always check the full headers on my emails... I honestly have NO idea how they got my info, unless they hacked into my banking website or my online game's website (because I use the same email/passwords there). They could have gotten yours, too, no matter how safely you surf.

A friend of mine had $300 in fraudulent iTunes charges scammed from her paypal account, right before rent was due. Talk about some bullshit.
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Thanks. I'm taking all precautions mentioned.
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I Suggest if you have nothing important files on your pc.. do a clean reformat.. maybe you access phishing site..
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