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Common place name suffixes?

I found a few threads regarding individual ones e.g. -stan, -grad but I'm looking to make a comprehensive list. These can be for cities/towns or countries.

There's the aforementioned -stan and -grad, also:

How many more can you come up with?
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-wich, -wick
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Ones I came up with without resort to searching the net:

-mont (e.g. "Glenmont, MD");
-lea/-ley/-leigh (e.g. "Overlea, MD")



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The first that comes to mind is -pool (Blackpool, Liverpool). Wikipedia has a pretty long list of prefixes, roots, and suffixes in British placenames: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of...om_and_Ireland
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I come from Colorado. Places like Boulder, Denver, and Fort Collins don't really apply.


-over and -dover?
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Common on Long Island -- Cutchogue, Patchogue, Aquabogue, Quogue,
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And not really a suffix per se, but it serves a similar purpose: "Heights."
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Originally Posted by panache45 View Post

Essex, Sussex, Middlesex, Wessex. Maybe I've forgotten one... but that's still a pretty short list!
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In India:

-pore/-pur (Jadavpur, Kidderpore, Barrackpore)


-abad (Ahmedabad, Faridabad). These names only show up in areas that were once under the Mughals.
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-thorpe - this is a viking suffix, quite a few of those around here.

beck - is another viking one



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-neck (Aquidneck, Mass.)
-by the Sea (Manchester-by the Sea, Mass.)
-sur-Mer (Villefranche-sur-Mer, France
-head (Marblehead, Mass.)
-yard (Martha's Vineyard)
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-kill (in southeastern New York. From Dutch, I think, meaning stream. PETA got all up in arms about the town of Fishkill once, a few years ago, but there are tons of them.)
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-ia. Alexandria, Venezia, Albania, Monrovia, Bolivia, Brasilia....

The OP's -stan is my favorite. Dave Barry once joked about a former Soviet republic named "Stanstanistan".
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Originally Posted by Fiveroptic View Post
Also sometimes spelled -otte. At least, in one case I can think of.

Which isn't, technically, a place name, since it's the name of a place that named after a woman.

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