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Tubing for slingshot

I want to make a sling-shot and need surgical tubing to do so. I can order online easily enough but thought there must be some place that I can simply drive to. What kind of store sells latex surgical tubing.
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If you buy a car tire tube and cut it into strips, they will far exceed any latex you could use....or if not, just go to Walmart and buy the already made sling-shot bands and attach them to your homemade beauty.
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Its not "surgical tubing" but most hardware stores should have something close. I made many a slingshot with the rubber tubing from there as a child.

... or a medical supply store (doh)

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Surgical supply stores or local (not CVS or Walgreens) drugstores are your best bet.

But now thinking about this, a CVS-type place might be a good idea, too. Ask at the pharmacy counter though, I doubt the people working the registers would know. And if they don't carry it, the pharmacist may be able to steer you right.
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Yup, you can get it at Menards. It's not called surgical tubing, but it's the same stuff. It'll be back by the rest of the hoses.
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I once picked some up at a hobby shop.
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A dive shop.
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Old bicycle inner tube? A bike shop might have a few free for the asking.
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Back in my radio controlled glider days, I picked up a roll of latex tubing at the local pharmacy. Just make sure there are no splices.
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They've got it at my local Lowes and I think I've seen it at Home Depot. Plumbing department with all the other rolls of tubing of all sorts . . . except the tubing I'm looking for.

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