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Getting spray paint off concrete?

My wife decided to spray paint some objects on our front walk using only one small piece of newspaper. I have no idea why she thought that'd be a good idea.

How can I get it off?
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I asked the same question about a year and a half ago.

Your wife was spraypainting stuff in my driveway, too.
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I have used a stiff brush with a diluted mixture of water and Muriatic Acid to successfully remove spray paint from concrete. Google it for suggestions on its safe use and mixing, This acid is available at Lowes, Home Depot, etc. and costs about $8.00 a gal.
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Will it kill grass? I need to get exterior latex paint off my sidewalk. Who paints a sidewalk?! I dont want to kill the grass though.
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Pouring a solvent on it may work (e.g. paint thinner, acetone, mineral spirits).
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Paint remover.
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It will fade out naturally from regular use in about a year.
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Solvents generally don't work all that well on latex based paints. Seeing as how your SO used a spray paint, I assume that the paint is probably an enamel of some type, on which solvents will work. The degree of efficiency will be determined by how long the paint has been left to dry. And yes, most (if not all) solvents that will remove the paint, will also remove any vegetation.
IMHO, your best bet is going to be a good pressure washer. I've had very good success with removing all different types of paint from concrete sidewalks with one.

ETA: Missed your post about it being latex. If it was very recent, a wire brush may do just fine. If the paint has already cured, a pressure washer will definitely do the job without killing the grass.

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