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Can I pick up package at Post Office without slip?

I received a notice in my mailbox yesterday telling me they would hold a package they couldn't deliver for me at the post office. I was planning on stopping by there after work today but left the notice at home, would I still be able to pick up the package?
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I seem to recall picking up a package with my driver's license. In that case, the name and address matched. If they don't match, you may have more difficulty (e.g. if you are receiving mail under an alias or you have moved and didn't update your license).

I don't know what the "official" policies are.

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I think the answer, as usual with these kinds of things, is "it depends". If it's a small post office and they know you they may have no problem pulling the package, assuming it's been brought back already, but if it's a large post office they may need the slip to locate the package itself. Assuming they are willing to look and they find it you can show an ID and they can then give it to you. Having the slip makes things a lot easier, but it may not be required in all circumstances.
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I've done it in Chicago and they weren't happy I didn't have the slip, but they said, as long as my address on my driver's license matched the address on the package it was OK. I guess if the DL address didn't match, I would've needed the slip
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In my experience, they ask for your official ID, with address, regardless of whether you have the slip.
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I've gotten one before with just an ID and I AND my drivers license didn't match the shipping address. I had brought an electric bill with the the more current address (I'd recently moved), but they didn't ask for it.
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I have, and didn't need ID or anything, they just asked me for my address. But, I live in a smallish town and they recognize me by sight, even if they don't know my name.
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Well, FWIW, I didn't try picking it up without the slip...I figured if they were that customer service oriented they would have made an effort to drive the half block from the mailboxes at the end of the cul-de-sac to my place and actually deliver it (like the UPS/Fedex/etc. guys do).

I picked it up today with the slip, they never asked for ID (I'm in a pretty big city).
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