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Mogambo - (1953) Clark Gable

I'm sure this question is completely out of left field, but the dope is the best place to get answers to these questions, so here goes.

Thanksgiving morning, a movie called Mogambo was on television. I'd never heard of it before, but it starred Clark Gable, Ava Gardner, and Grace Kelly, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

Early in the movie, Gable is in the African jungle, in a permanent shelter with Garder, when a large snake appears. Gardner freaks, but Gable soothes her by saying "that's Old Joe". Old Joe, it's explained, takes care of the rodents in the hut, so he's a welcome guest.

The weird thing (and the question) about this is that "Old Joe" is clearly dubbed in. "Old Joe" was mentioned 4-5 times, and each time, you could see the actors lips mouthing something else, but "Old Joe" comes out of the actors mouths.

My question is, what in the world could have been so controversial about the original snake's name (if that's what is dubbed out) to cause it to be replaced by the phrase "Old Joe"?

I did a search for the screen play and could not find it. No mention of it on the IMDB page.

Has anyone else seen the movie, noticed the dubbing, and know what it was that was dubbed out? And most important, why?
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I vaguely remember seeing the movie in college, and don't remember anything odd about "Old Joe." Neither Wiki nor have anything about the snake's name being later changed.
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Sorry, don't remember; saw it a few years ago (two or three). Grace Kelly was just made of woman parts all through the flick, though -- and this is acting with Ava fucking Gardner.
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The movie is available on Netflix (DVD only) so someone could get it and find out.

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