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Hell On Wheels theme music - what is that style?

I LOVE the "Hell on Wheels" theme music. Incredibly cool.

Is it part of a particular genre of music, or just a modern mash of a couple others? It has that unmistakable "Western" sound, although what exactly it is in the music that makes that so clear I couldn't say. Listening to the "Deadwood" theme, which I also love (though not as much) I am tempted to say it's the violin...or rather, as I'm sure it was called in the day, the "fiddle".

I would love a long version of the Hell on Wheels theme.. delicious.

I also love Christopher Hyerdahl (the Swede) - what a riveting character...I am unable to pull my eyes from the screen when he's on. Marvelously creepy. (kmart ad first. Grrr.)
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Steel guitar.
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Heh, I was justing thinking the same thing. The HoW theme reminds me very much of the theme from 'Firefly', actually.

Regarding the string parts, I was thinking maybe Dobro, but could be wrong. Definitely fiddle as well.

And yeah, The Swede is a great character. Quite enjoy Colm Meaney's evocation of an 1860s Robber Baron as well.
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Originally Posted by Munch View Post
Steel guitar.
The hollow resonant sounding guitar is a dobro (a steel-top guitar), which is sometimes (mistakenly) called a steel guitar.
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