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Can I make a reasonably good pizza sauce from jarred spaghetti sauce?

It doesn't have to be amazing or anything, just passable.
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What's "reasonably good" is such a subjective question as to be almost meaningless. It just depends so much on what you like. By my standards, It will probably be OK but I might try to thicken it slightly with a little tomato paste and add some fresh herbs and garlic. YMMV
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What I mean is that if it tastes like cheap jarred pizza sauce, I'd consider that a success. I'm not looking to recreate the local pizzeria's sauce or aiming very high, here.

The spaghetti sauce is the only tomato product I have on hand, except for a few small fresh tomatoes. so adding tomato paste wouldn't work for me, but thanks.
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If I'm not trying to impress anyone (say, I'm just feeding my kids) I've used spaghetti sauce straight from the jar on homemade pizza. It depends on your tolerance.
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It's absolutely fine. I do it all the time with my home-brewed pizzas. Usually I use a bit higher grade sauce than Ragu or Prego, but if that's what you've got, then that's what you've got.
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You could simmer it a while to thicken it up. Personally, if there's no fennel seed then it doesn't taste like pizza sauce so if you've got some add that.
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Originally Posted by CarnalK View Post
You could simmer it a while to thicken it up. Personally, if there's no fennel seed then it doesn't taste like pizza sauce so if you've got some add that.
Yep, jarred spaghetti sauce is a little thin for pizza sauce. I'd also add some pepper.
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I generally just run the jarred stuff through a blender to smooth it out, then thicken it on the stove while I add more spices.
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What did you say or do that jarred it?
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Add oregano - if it's fresh, chop it fine, and if it's dried flakes, pulverize to powder.
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Thicken it by simmering to reduce or adding tomato paste, then add oregano and sugar. Viola - jarred pizza sauce.
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Thanks. I'll try it now.
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Try MIDS pasta sauce, either the regular marinara or the Italian sausage one. I've used Prego in the past as pizza sauce, but it's a little sweet for my taste. MIDS is awesome, great on pasta or pizza, and not a bad deal if you get it on sale. (One jar is usually enough for 2 meals for my family of 3.)
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I use Lawry's Spaghetti Mix, and mix it with tomato paste.
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Honestly, for me, the best pizza sauce is just high quality crushed tomatoes, a bit of olive oil, salt, maybe garlic, and a bit of oregano if you want. But just plain crushed tomatoes is (honestly) good enough. You'd be surprised at how many top-flight pizzerias use nothing more than crushed tomatoes for their base. Commercial jarred spaghetti sauce, IMHO, is way too spiced for a good pizza base, but everyone's taste is different.

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For example, here is the excellent's recipe for sauce for a New York style pizza: 28 oz can of tomatoes, 1 garlic clove, 1 tsp dried oregano. (I personally would add a little salt to this.) It's really that straightforward.
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Finely chop some onions. Put the onions and a little blended oil in the bottom of a sauce pan. Heat the oil and onions untill they turn golden brown. Turn off burner. (You don't need it hot). Add your spaghetti sauce. Add a bay leaf, some fresh basil (if you have it). Add some oregano. (grind very fine if its dry). Cool in the fridge. And you're done.
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