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Radiohead's Sulk - how does it refer to the Hungerford Massacre?

My big obsession for the past 24 hours has been Sulk from Radiohead's The Bends (apparently it's their least favorite track on the album). I was blown away by it on my way home from work and have since learned that it was written in response to the 1987 Hungerford Massacre in which a local man made his way through Hungerford in England, shooting at pretty much anything that moved, killing 17, including his mother and himself.

The thing is, I can't quite figure out much of the lyrics relate to this horrific event, except for a couple snippets of maybe crazy talk. Does anyone know much about this song (besides it's easy to play), or have details about it's relationship to Hungerford? Why doesn't the band like it?
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There doesn't have to be a relationship, really. The song was was written in response to the massacre (Wikipedia uses the same phrase you did), which could mean the song expresses Thom Yorke's response to the shootings in some way but doesn't have to be a literal comment or depiction of what happened. However the song originally ended with the lyric "go shoot your gun." No explanation required for that.
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