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Why they-

go down,
in the earth,
to get out of the rain.


Link to Staff Report: Where do ants go to get out of the rain? -- CKDH

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What do ants do when it rains?

I can tell you, because I'm from New Orleans where it rains all the time and there are tons of ants. Maybe if they are in the ground already they are OK, but I'll tell you what they do if they are outside the hill. They go rafting! The first layer (maybe more) sacrifice themselves, gripping each other with jaws and claws to make a raft. These ants eventually drown, but the rest cling to the top of the raft; and standing on the corpses of their bretheren does not make them happy. They float on top of the water, looking to a human wader like some rusty dust inexplicably floating down the street... then they slap against your thigh and you have a garter of insane ants on. By the time you finish killing them you have an interesting collection of welts ringing one leg (of course, they can get on both legs) and up your arms. This is even more fun if you are allergic to the things. Bottom line is, wading in a flood is most unwise. If you must do it, watch out for the ants.
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You're referring, of course, to the column recently posted by Doug, Where do ants go when it rains?.

When you're posting a new thread on a column, it's requested that you provide a link to the original article.

By the way, welcome, both of you, and enjoy the Straight Dope!
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Maybe if they are in the ground already they are OK, but I'll tell you what they do if they are outside the hill.
We have the same thing in Texas, except I've only seen this behavior in fire ants; other ants seem to float (and drown) alone. I can also attest that they sometimes get bubbled up right out of the ground - at least 'round here where there's lots of near-surface limestone.

I feel a strange sense of satisfaction seeing a bazillion fire ants floating down the Colorado River, riding on the backs of their dead comrades... If you've ever had the 'joy' of being attacked by fire ants, you'll understand the source of this satisfaction.
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They invade my kitchen! Every single time!!
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where do ants...

when I water the raised vegetable beds, the ants come pouring out with eggs in their mandibles... and they always go UP.
mine, fortunately, are not fire ants!

I'd provide a link but I'm not sure how to do so.
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I am very glad that red ants, black ants, little bitty brown ants and all species of ants except one have a method of surviving the great flood (which is how a normal rain must seem to them). The exception of course is the fire ant and I second the comment about "if you've never stepped on a fire ant hill". Fire ants, kudsu and Baptists will soon take over the south.
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My all-time favorite description of fire ants, courtesy of Dave Barry: "Fire ants are a species of insect that was accidentally imported into the United States from someplace else, probably Hell."
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Originally posted by catholicguy
Why they-

go down,
in the earth,
to get out of the rain.
I thought that was

They go down,
in the ground
to get out
of the rain.
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"Earth" and "ground" are both current. For what it's worth, it was "earth" in Maine in the 50's.
John W. Kennedy
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Originally posted by John W. Kennedy
For what it's worth, it was "earth"
Well, that rhymes.

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