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MLB Scoring: A Backwards "K"?

I know a "K" means strikeout, but I just noticed TBS sometimes uses a backwards K instead of a normal "K". Does anyone know what the backward "K" might mean? (This appears in the upper left of your TV screen in lieu of the count for a brief moment after a strikeout.)

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Strikeout looking.
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Originally Posted by aktep View Post
Strikeout looking.
And just in case you don't know what that means and don't feel like googling it, that's a when the umpire calls a strikeout when the batter doesn't swing when the ball is in the strike zone on the last strike.
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I have heard it is because MLB doesn't want to spell out KKK on the scoreboard.
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Originally Posted by Gagundathar View Post
I have heard it is because MLB doesn't want to spell out KKK on the scoreboard.
Too bad that's what's up there after three swinging strikeouts then! (Easily disproven)
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