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Help me name my bar trivia team! (Need answer fast-ish)

Tonight will be the second night that my friends and I have gotten together to play live trivia. The first time, we didn't think up a name ahead of time, and put in "Duh...winning!" which was kind of lame, but nobody could think anything better on short notice.

A few things about us. First, we're mostly a bit older than the other participants. I, at 34, am tied for the youngest on my team. The other two members are in their 50s. The guy who is my age is a doctor; the rest of us are lawyers. Because this crowd skews young, most of the names are things like "Taste My Pickle" and "The Vageniuses", which aren't really our thing. Mind you, I can appreciate a good dick joke, but it has to be clever. I think the other team members would prefer to keep the name relatively clean. We're all Democrats, so we'd be okay taking it political.

Any ideas for us? Thanks! I'll let you know tonight if we chose one of your suggestions.
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I kinda like "Needs Answer Fast-ish".
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My group always goes for "quiz" puns, for example:

Quiz in my Pants
Quizzard's Sleeve
The Quiztory Boys
Les Quizerables
Fo' Shizzle My Quizzle

You will probably be able to come up with better ones with more than a minute's thought.
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I think you should just click the "New Posts" tab at the top of this page and pick from the thread titles. There are some decent ones in there.

Of what's up there now, I kind of like:

Does Sesame Street Actually *Need* Government Funding
Teen loses stomach after drinking liquid nitrogen cocktail
Apparently the Heel Bone is a Bad Thing To Break
Sovereign citizen tests his theories in practice; is shocked by the results
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The Untouchables


What Doctors and Lawyers fall back on. Ha ha, just kidding. The idea is funny though.

The Student Loans

I don't have any idea if it's still fun when guys think beyond cocks and balls for something like this, but I'm enjoying myself. Gosh, I could go on....

Hey, Cocks and Balls! Have fun!
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Clever Dick Joke
Not Very Vague Reference to a Vagina
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We Said Penis
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Last Place

It's Never Lupus

Everything is coming up Milhouse
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Magic Johnson and the Tricky Dicks
Ceiling Cat and the Band Names
Actually, I like "Need Answer Fast".
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We Cheat
Random Groin Pun
Sarah Palin Book Club
Mitt Rmoney
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The Four Nick Haters
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Four Out Of Five Lawyers
These Lawyers Couldn't Pass This Bar
The Huge Subpoenas
Rated Ex Post Facto
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Buzz Windrip's Minute Men
Systematic Evisceration (if you use this one, you better win or you'll look like a bunch of tools)
Sons of Phineas J. Whoopee

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Call yourselves The Posh Kids. Because they always win.
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Some guys I knew in college had a bowling team called The Burning Sensations.
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One of our local teams is called "Trivia Newton John." I always wish I came up with it first.
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We always go with family inside jokes because to be honest no one cares. We did get some weird looks with "Meatpuppets" and "Mama's Little Retarded Puppy".
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With a little bit of searching, you could find a good set of threads where someone said that they didn't need the answer fast. Use a different thread title each week, always followed with (Need Answer Fast).

Our team generally went for filthy-but-clever. Tending more towards the scatological than dick jokes, though.
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Team Redundancy Team is my usual standby.
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I like the need answer fast idea too:
Ned and the answer fasts
Knead answer fast
Kneed in the answer fast
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Knowers of Things
If You See Kay
Didn't Read the Fine Print
We Aculpa
The Young and the Trivial
Trivious Corpus
Penisunumbra and Machinations

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Einstein's Smarter Siblings
Where's the kaboom? After 500 posts, there should've been an Earth-shattering kaboom!
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Fearsome Foursome*
Trivius Interruptus
Not Your Typical Trivia Team Name
Your Ad Here
Alex Trebek's Love Children
The Jeopardy! Rejects

* Yes, I know there are three of you.
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Last week a team where I was had the name Omega 3 Fatasses. I thought that one was pretty good.
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See You Next Wednesday
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