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OK to freeze deli cheese?

If I buy a couple of pounds of sliced pepper jack cheese from the deli, can I freeze most of the slices in ziplock freezer bags? How long will it last in the freezer if I do?

I'm thinking of buying 2 pounds and breaking it into 4 half pound sections and then freezing 3 of these.
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Depending on the cheese it may be a mess after freezing. But cheddar survives freezing fairly well. The slices may not come apart after freezing and thawing. It certainly won't be inedible, just losing texture and flavor.
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Yeah--OK, but not great. We freeze sliced cheddar (make sure the slices are thick) that we get from Costco all the time ... but, it is definitely much crumblier after thawing. Once it's in a sandwich, though, who cares?
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It will definitely be more crumbly after freezing, but it doesn't bother me. I have eaten cheddar that as been in the freezer for like a year. I figure if it's been frozen, it's fine.
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If you plan on melting the cheese in casseroles, freezing it is fine. As stated above, freezing changes the texture, making it more crumbly after thawing.

If you are thinking of making a sandwich platter with meats and sliced cheeses, don't freeze it.

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The cheese will be used for sandwiches and cheeseburgers, so sounds like I can freeze it without too many problems.
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It's crumbelievable!
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I've never tried freezing it, so I don't know, but sealing the cheese with a food sealer works amazingly well. It keeps for months in the frig that way.
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make sure it is wrapped tightly, double wrapped, with no air. some of the deterioration happens when water is drawn out of the cheese and wrapping well will minimize that.
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I've tried freezing cheese, it sucks! Unless it is going to be used in a casserole, freezing deli cheese does not work. I can't even peel off a slice to put on a burger
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Originally Posted by dalej42 View Post
The cheese will be used for sandwiches and cheeseburgers, so sounds like I can freeze it without too many problems.
You may want to slice it before you freeze it. Trying to slice a brick after it has been frozen and thawed often results in cheese gravel.
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