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Charging AR Parrot Drone batteries

Hi I bought a cheap G3220 battery charger

It has 3 amp settings - 0.5A, 1.2A and 2A.

I have two original batteries (not 2.0). They say "charge at 1A max".

After using the charger one doesn't work at all (the charge lights don't light up, etc) and one doesn't keep its charge very well (it used to last about 12 mins but now it lasts a couple of minutes) - the charge % in the app falls very fast at first then slows down a lot.

I'm talking with the seller at the moment... is it correct that using the 2A settings would damage the batteries?
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Cool! You are flying this quadrocopter thing?

Steep learning curve?
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My guess that charging at 2A overheated the batteries and changed their chemistry, so now they don't efficiently give power.
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Originally Posted by kayaker View Post
Cool! You are flying this quadrocopter thing?

Steep learning curve?
No using the app it is pretty easy. You just connect to its wifi and run the app. There are buttons to take off and land, to rotate, strafe, move forward/backwards and up/down. It automatically stabilises itself pretty well. It has streaming video from its two cameras.

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