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Source this quote about alternative medicine for me, please!

"If alternative medicine worked, it'd just be called medicine."

I was wondering who came up with this quote, or whatever the original was. Was it anyone notably famous? If it was just some random post online somewhere, what's the oldest you can find? I found something like it on democraticunderground from 2009, but it wasn't from anyone notable.


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I believe it was Tim Minchin in his poem "Storm" which is indeed 2009, but I think became popular after it was turned into an animated short the next year.

I'm not sure if he was the first, but he is where I first heard it - and I think it is often credited to him.

Around 3:14

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Oh and the exact quote is...

Do you know what they call "alternative medicine"
That's been proved to work?
Which may have an impact on you searching for it.

Assuming his is the quote of course
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