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Converting natural gas grill to propane

My girlfriend has a natural gas Weber grill with no hook-up for natural gas. I know there are conversion kits out there, but I'm not sure which is the correct one. I called Weber and they weren't helpful. Any ideas which will work?

The grill is a Weber 5840001 Summit Gold D4.

I included some pics:
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It's fairly straightforward to do. You need to replace the natural gas jets with those appropriate for propane gas (high pressure).

You should be able to order the correct parts from Weber. If you are nervous about doing it yourself I'm sure you can find someone to do it for you, but expect to pay a service charge for someone to drive out to your house.

If you can take it to someone that might save you some money. Good luck!
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Weber doesn't recommend the conversion, so I couldn't get any help with parts. I need to find what exact parts I need and then I can decide if i can do it myself or bring it to someone. I can probably do it myself with instructions online but I don't want to purchase incorrect parts.
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You also have to replace or reset the regulator - at least, on my gas cooktop range, I had to replace the jet for each burner AND switch the regulator from one pressure to another.

Be very careful. Done wrong, this conversion could be dangerous.
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You can find a burner set and regulator for propane and replace the ones you have in it. Might take a little "Custom" work but it should work fine.

Link to Home Depot page relevant, not an endorsement

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