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Flip Wilson was one of 24 children born to the same mother and father -

Apropos of nothing this was kind of astounding -

Born Clerow Wilson, Jr. in Jersey City, New Jersey, he was one of 24 children (18 of whom lived into adulthood) born to Clerow, Sr. and Cornelia Wilson.[3][4] Clerow, Sr. worked as a handyman and, because of the Great Depression, was often out of work. When Wilson was seven years old, his mother abandoned the family. His father was unable to care for the children alone and he placed many of them in foster homes.[3] After bouncing from foster homes to reform school, 16-year-old Wilson lied about his age and joined the United States Air Force. His outgoing personality and funny stories made him popular; he was even asked to tour military bases to cheer up other servicemen. Claiming that he was always "flipped out", Wilson's barracks mates gave him his famous nickname. Discharged in 1954, Wilson started working as a bellhop in San Francisco's Manor Plaza Hotel.
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Dad was home a lot, 24 kids, mom gets fed up and leaves... hm...
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When Wilson was seven years old, his mother abandoned the family.
I would too!
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Geez, 24 kids!

Originally Posted by Diogenes the Cynic
That's not a vagina; it's a clown car.
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My grandfather was the youngest of 21 (19 surviving) but he became a feed salesman and helped keep the farms going through the wars. He was the best kind of person on earth.
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Flips family were the old school Diggers or is it Duggers?
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My Fraternal Grandmother gave birth to 27 children, 19 of whom lived past childbirth or infancy.

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