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Bug people - Tarantula Hawk Wasp vs Asian Giant Hornet - Who wins?



this -

Who wins?
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I'll put my money on teh Giant Asian Hornets. They are bigger, meaner, more likely to attack without provocation, and their venom is highly necrotizing!
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What happens if they mate instead of fight? Then you've got some real trouble.
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No matter who wins, we all lose.
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OMG the stuff of my nightmares... !!!! Please please never let me encounter either one of these...
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I have seen Tarantula Hawks--they are big--but nothing like those Asian monstrosities.
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Asian Giant Hornet, hands (ha!) down. They're bulkier so they can probably smother the other raging hell-beast.

Oh, and as an added commentary...gguuuaahhhHHHH!! (I have a near-mortal fear of hornets/wasps/bees)

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Originally Posted by Strangeland64 View Post
OMG the stuff of my nightmares... !!!! Please please never let me encounter either one of these...
Thankfully Tarantula Hawks at least are pretty inoffensive critters*. They are mighty impressive on first view as they cruise by - giant buzzing black ( metallic blue, but it looks black at a distance ) and orange nightmares. But typically they are on ignore most of the time and scarcely seem to notice you, even if you are chasing them with a net. Now the Western Horse Fly -that guy I'll run from.

* Unless you're a tarantula, then all bets are off.

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Hmm, no entry on the either the Schmidt sting pain index or the Starr sting pain scale for the giant asian hornet. The Tarantula Hawk weighs in near the top of the pain scale, tho.

I wonder if either of these guys is ready to give the hornet a try?

Here's an additional story on the hornets with some frightening photos of them. Damn! And, their presence in the US. Yikes!
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