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How To Obtain Back issues of "Weekly Reader"?

The "Weekly Reader"was a school publication that was issued on Mondays to millions of grade school kids. It combined news and little articles on science, art, etc. I have been trying to find a back issue, from about 1962..I went to the SBS website, but they never got back to me-are back issues online somewhere?
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It's possible one or more university libraries has them, probably on fiche. Kid stuff is hard to find archived. I spent years looking for pages from some 1950s Boys Life and no one I could find had archives that deep, nor was the publisher of any help. Weekly Reader... if there isn't a dedicated Ed university that's kept them, I'd pretty much despair at finding one that old except by sheer chance.
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Here are some:
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Toddle on over to your public library and ask the reference librarian. S/he can check OCLC to see what libraries (public, university, school) own the title and what dates. The library MAY be able to borrow the issue you need, then you can copy or scan. (SSSSSHHHHH. Don't tell anyone I said that.)

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