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Kerbal Space Program (odd structure on Mun)

I thought I saw a thread on this in the forum earlier, so I presume some 'dopers are playing. This weekend I was flying to the Mun, and during the landing phase I saw something weird on the surface. It was a large black rock bridge of rock, like the Gateway Arch in Saint Louis. I managed to land near it to check it out, but I have no idea what it is or what it's supposed to be. I found this YouTube video if you want to check it out.

Anyone have any idea what it's supposed to be? So far it's been the coolest thing I've discovered on either of the two moons in the game. Are there any more interesting little things like this that anyone else has found so far?
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Yes, there are easter eggs in the game.
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You might not want to watch this video unless you want spoilers, but in short, you can use the ISA Mapsat plugin to scan for these anomalies if you want to systematically map them.
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There are lots of Easter Eggs in KSP. I believe the Mun alone has three arches and a Neil Armstrong memorial.

Do we have a KSP thread here on SDMB? It would be cool to have a place to compare our ships and missions
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Kerbal Space Program

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