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Don't mix "water enhancer" with alcoholic beverages. Why not?

Right after pouring some water enhancer (which is just concentrated liquid that you squirt a small amount in water to make something akin to Crystal Light) into some vodka and water, I noticed that the label said not to mix it with alcoholic beverages. I drank it anyway and nothing bad happened except it tasted like cherry cough syrup (the flavor was cherry lime but there was no lime taste!), but I'm curious if there's some reason for this beyond something like them covering their ass in case someone mixes it with straight liquor in order to mask the taste (since it would barely dilute it, unlike mixing it with normal beverages) and dies of alcohol poisoning or something. That seems kind of stupid because people take shots of straight liquor all the time anyway but I don't know what else it could be.

I was going to email them and ask, but their stupid website doesn't even allow that, they only have a phone number and I don't want to call.
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After a bunch of searching, it looks like technically they only recommend against using the caffeinated one with alcohol because caffeine+alcohol leads to "unsafe behaviors" according to many studies. (A rule followed by exactly nobody, I think the Jack+Coke market is still thriving)

I'm not convinced, though, because as far as I can tell MiO's website lists this for the normal, non-caffeinated one too. Maybe they're just being cautious?

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Ah, it does have caffeine in it, I didn't even notice that. Do energy drinks have warnings like that on them too? Because otherwise, that's still weird. And yeah, I haven't gotten it in years but as far as I know, vodka and Red Bull is still a common drink and bars are happy to serve it.

And if MiO says it on their products without caffeine too, that's also weird. Well, I'm going to live on the edge and do it anyway, unless they all taste as gross as this cherry "lime" deal. My usual mixer is Crystal Light but sometimes I don't feel like making a whole pitcher, but on the other hand, that's about the laziest thing in the entire world.
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The FDA did crack down a while ago on drinks that contained both alcohol and caffeine. But only if they were packaged that way. I haven't seen that kind of warning label on anything else, and mixed drinks containing caffeine are still very common.

I have some Crystal Light Energy, which contains caffeine, and comes in little packets that you're supposed to mix into a bottle of water. No warning label.
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My WAG would be that it's 99% CYA.
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Originally Posted by Jragon View Post
After a bunch of searching, it looks like technically they only recommend against using the caffeinated one with alcohol because caffeine+alcohol leads to "unsafe behaviors" according to many studies.
I believe I have participated in several such "studies" myself. Jägerbomb, anyone?
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On a side note, gin and Sprite with cherry Mio makes a convincing substitute for a sloe gin fizz.

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It's reverse psychology. They don't have to put that warning on the label. Because they do, more people will try it than would have otherwise.
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