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Green Hills of Earth lyrics (Charles Chilton version)

Starting in episode 8 of "Charles Chilton's Journey Into Space, The World In Peril" the heroes hear the "rebel song" on the asteroid ship they are held on. I was able to make out the following lyrics:

From the harsh bright soils of Luna
To Saturn's rainbow rings
In the hearts of lonely Spacemen
Is a longing voice that sings

[what sounds like "Let the confine whore be ending", but presumably isn't]
And let there be no mirth
Until that day, I'm on my way
To the cool green hills of earth

Let the sweet fresh breezes heal me
...[fade out]

Obviously this is based, according to google, on "The Cool Green Hills of Earth" by Robert Heinlein. I'm absolutely certain about many of those lines, incidentally, and google doesn't return any results at all for them. Versions on the web of Heinlein's version don't have the lines I'm sure of.

Does anyone know the missing line, or the following lines from the Charles Chilton version?
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I have the Heinlein book at home, I can look it up tonight if I can find it. IIRC there are many stanzas of the song used throughout the short story, he's writing them as he goes along. It's been years since I read it but they sound like some of the Heinlein lyrics.
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