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Replacing a Playstation 3 HDMI port

So I read an article online and it said that to replace the HDMI port you need to replace the whole motherboard. Does anyone know if there is a simpler way?
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The HDMI socket can be replaced. It could be a lot of work to do that though.
Carefully cutting off the old socket..

See the pictures of the soldering job required here .. the video is only repairing the solder,
replacing the socket means undoing all that solder somehow, and putting a new socket on.

here's remove /replace the HDMI socket . (and other sockets.)

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So, the question is: is it the socket or the HDMI related circuitry which faulty?

If it's the socket, like it got loose after time due to repated use or strain applied from an angle over time, then yes, it could be repaired fairly easily. It depends on how that socket is soldered: thru-hole or surface mount?

If it's the HDMI related circuitry then the mobo would have to be replaced as the effort and parts would exceed the cost of a new PS3.

I'd look into local maker/hacker spaces and see if they have somone who could help and offer $20 to do it. It's a simple job but that should make it worth their time.
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If it's the socket, maybe because the cable got yanked, it might be simple to fix by just reflowing the solder for the connector yourself. I'd guess you would need a thin-tipped solder iron.
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