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Help steps to transfer pictures from Huawei Envoy flip phone to My Computer

1. Help steps to transfer pictures from Huawei Envoy flip phone to My Computer. I have the phone recognized and showing folders on the phone. None of the folders are showing the Pictures that are in the Alburn Folder in the phone.

2. I added an SD card thinking this would be easier default storage. I can not tell if the phone is recognizing the SD card. Will it show as a folder in my Computer from phone

3. What would be the simplest steps to save to the card or phone and transfer? The Consumer Cellular Techs (5) are saying phone’s/computer's compatibility and phone's modes takes experimenting.
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Check & see if the phone maker has a PC Suite that you can download & install on your PC.

My PC can only see the photos in the gallery folders. I have to move the pictures into the gallery before the PC can see them. ( LG g2 ) I have to do that before I connect the phone to the computer.

I have no idea about your phone, I have never heard of it before.
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You can "move" files to the external SD card (or any folder) using the MyFiles app/touch the folder/file/to bring up the menu - choose "move" and then find the folder you want to move to. If you can't find your external card in MyFiles then it may not be inserted correctly or be faulty. When you have the pictures on your external card, remove it and connect it to your computer.
While you're at it, arrange for your pictures to go straight into the external card folder. MyFiles can do this very easily.
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The instruction that she listed and showed it worked for her but it’s not working for me.

1. Press top right button and select Gallery
2. Press top left button and select Camera Album
3. press top left for options
4. Scroll down to Management (I’m not getting manage where I saw copy/paste)
5. Select move multiple
6. Select pictures you want to move
7. Move to the right to the memory card
8. Click Paste

What did she miss or I missed. I know this is hard w/o seeing the phone but a link is attached to the Flip Phone.

The next youngster will let me push the buttons. LOL
The is not critical vs a want to know for Pics since I have two digital cameras that I have mastered.
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I thought My Cheap Consumer Cellular Flip Phone Envoy was a Flop related to taking pictures. I hope it will make a simple call as an emergency if needed. I have not tried that but I did see my wife call here. After “watching” two Techs drag Pics from the (Gallery) Camera’s Album folder via USB cable it finally clicked in my sleep. LOL. That is all I need to do transfer the Pics to my computer for editing purposes (very few Pics will not need editing Xs better quality) vs their extensive methods.

The instruction steps above works transferring Pics. BUT! One pic might void your memory card with plenty room to spare and a need to format (due to memory card occupied message or not accepting the pic). My last support today recommended settings to sending all the pics to the card (which d/n work from my reader). Dragging dropping onto the desktop and into a folder using the USB will be my simple method

I do recommend you calling Consumer Cellular support if needed. I respect them only supporting their methods even though 5 Techs led me in 5 different directions. If you have close local support as Sears might it works but they are not obligated. I’ll call that fellow back and let him know saving to the card was not the solution. I doubt there are any two solid solutions unless you are on identical Phones and Computers.

Take Care!
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