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Jury Summons in NYC Question/Address Change

Im currently out of the country right now in canada. I live in NY and my family moved to another borough from manhattan to brooklyn. Thus we had to get address change with the usps, bank accounts etc and everything else. Also i had received a juror questionnaire few months ago when i was in NY and i had changed my address online. It was a questionnaire and to fill this out online or mail it and i did it online.

Well recently i found out from my family in ny that i got a letter for a juror summons next month. It tells me to report to the manhattan courthouse on a certain date but the first issue is... isn't this going to be a problem since my primary address is in brooklyn and not manhattan anymore? The mail was sent to my previous manhattan address i know but it was then rerouted to my brooklyn address as we filled out the address change for everyone in our family.

Does this mean i can't go to this manhattan courthouse and be uneligible and thus im only suppose to go to the brooklyn one?

Another thing is i won't be back in NY by that date. I only had one juror summons and this was many year ago. i went and i believe i was there for 2-3 days in a room with a whole bunch of other people and none of us got chosen so we didn't have to be a juror but we got credit for being there. I recalled i had a receipt/piece of paper that said you did your juror duty even though you weren't selected.

I read that you can postpone it one time if its not a good time and you could do it at least 2 months later but not more than 6 months. My question is first off... what am i suppose to do? Am i suppose to notify them of my address change first and ask them if im suppose to still go to the manhattan one even though my address is in brooklyn now? Or am i suppose to just do the postponement first? I would prefer to do the juror duty say 5 months from now.

The other thing is my NY ID still is my previous manhattan address. Didn't get a new ID as i been outside the usa the last few months and because my id still works.

I had called the phone number in that juror summons paper that my family gave me the phone number to and one of the numbers didn't go through, the other one talks about jury duty summons with tomorrows date etc.

Has anyone in my situation tell me what im suppose to do? I mean if im suppose to do the address change, i checked and im suppose to fill out the form online but do i have to physically go to the DMV or whereever i need to go to get this address change fixed? As im outside the usa at the moment, im obviously not coming back to the usa to do this then leave back and forth just for that. Could i just mail it? Im not sure what im suppose to do first mainly b/c my family had change of address in different boroughs in NY.

Thank you.
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In New York, jury service goes by county (equivalent to borough in New York City) of residence. If you are now a Brooklyn (Kings County) resident, you are no longer eligible to serve in Manhattan (New York County).

My recommendation would be to write them a letter saying you are no longer a Manhattan resident, having moved to [address], Brooklyn and thus not eligible to serve, and to please contact you if they have any questions.

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Notify the Commissioner of Jurors that you have moved
Commissioner of Jurors
New York County
60 Centre street
Room 139
[email protected]
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Okay so i gave them a call. First person i spoke to said i need to mail them copy of my electric, gas and lease/rent to them to show address change. I had told them i live with my parents in ny so none of that would be in my name and then they said thats fine and said just have them send copy of those things and say that i lived with them. I had mentioned im currently in canada at the moment so i cant do anything such as sign anything etc.

However i called back again because i was going to ask them what is the address i have my family it to and explained my situation to another representative and they told me based on my situation because im in canada and b/c my current NY license is not the brooklyn one and still the manhattan one and because the name of those electric, gas, lease/rent bill is not in my name, he said once i come back to ny give them a call and they noted in my account that just call them and they will work everything out with me as they said my situation would get complicated if my family back in ny sent in the documents.

I also told them i will be back later than the date that the jury summons is and the guy said no problem. So basically when i get back to the usa, give them a call and they said process will be easy.

Does anyone know why one rep says one thing but another says another? This 2nd person i spoke to does sound like he knows a lot lot more than the first person i called. Pretty frustrating when one rep say one thing and another says another though this rep definitely seems to know what is probably the best way to handle this.
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Originally Posted by Pauly01 View Post
Does anyone know why one rep says one thing but another says another?
The best factual answer to your question would be best obtained from the respective customer service reps you spoke to.

Why is your typing so horrible?
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You haven't changed your address on your driver's license yet? What's the rule for that in NY?

I suppose a letter from your landlord saying the lease is terminated and you no longer have a right to access your Manhattan address might count for something.

It would at least prove the Manhattan address is no longer valid for you.

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