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What's Kunal Nayyar's real accent?

On The Big Bang Theory he has a typical (to a USAian) Indian via England accent. On TBS's Sullivan & Son it's California duchebag. What's his real deal? Just curious.
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Here he is on a talk show.
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Since he is really from India and came to the US when he was 18, I would presume that his "real deal" is the Indian accent. Being a talented actor, he can probably accurately simulate a variety of American accents. He spent several years in Portland, Oregon, which has very similar intonations as much of California.

Since he was only on one episode of Sullivan & Son and I did not see it, however, the discussion of his American accent(s) is mostly speculation on my part.

Here is what he says about his own accent (from

Originally Posted by Kunal Nayyar
I have a dialect myself; it's more pronounced, because I have studied theatre and been in England. It's half-British, half-Indian.
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He's going to be back on Sullivan & Son tonight.

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